The bottom line

Whether you’re an ass fetishist or it’s mostly a no-go area, your bottom has all sorts of delicious erotic possibilities. Culturally we give our bums quite a lot of attention: Does my bum look big in this? S/he’s a nice piece of ass. What an arsehole! (obviously *not* meant as a compliment!) Kiss my ass (ok, that one is a bit American)

Anyway, you get the picture. We talk about bottoms quite a bit, but are we enjoying them as much as we could?  There are so many ways to enjoy our bums, or someone else’s! Here are a few ideas for you:

Spanking – There are many different possibilities with spanking from the downright naughty side of it to the more sensual to the spiritual view of waking up energy in the sex centre. Whichever approach floats your boat, why not give it a try? Start with some sensual touch or massage all over the bum. Depending on what you and your spanking partner like, you could then go straight in with some good hard thwacks or gently warm up, building the impact up slowly. Take turns so you know what it feels like to give and receive. You could start with your hands, and eventually move on to some fun toys such as a paddle or crop.

Flogging – Flogging is an art all to itself and lends itself beautifully to the bottom (pardon the pun!). Floggers can be used sensually and of course, with much harder impact to bring awareness, healing, pain and much more to someone’s derriere.

Anal massage – Believe it or not, anal massage is really good for you. It can stimulate nerve endings and blood circulation that is super healthy for our organs. The anus is the only way we can reach these inner connective tissues. Anal massage can be done with many different intentions, including helping a person to relax and open, healing, shame-busting and learning new areas of pleasure.

Butt plugs – Butt plugs are similarly shaped to dildos, but are designed to stay inside the anus. A small disc shape at the end of the butt plug keeps it from getting lost inside. Butt plugs can increase pleasure either on their own or in combination with other sex toys. Fortunately butt plugs come in all sorts of shapes and sizes so you’re bound to find something you like!

Anal beads – Anal beads are similar to butt plugs in that they increase your pleasure and can stay in the body for some time. However they are differently shaped and you can pull them out as you orgasm, which just adds rocket fuel to an already amazing experience!

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