The big secret about orgasms

I recently had the misfortune to read an article by a supposed sex educator that really shocked me. The author had met a woman who was telling her about her breast orgasms. The sex educator wasn’t aware that this was possible and even said that she found the idea of a woman orgasming without genital stimulation ‘perplexing’. I was astonished to hear this! A sex educator that thought the only route to orgasm was genital stimulation? Then I thought, well, if she doesn’t know, maybe there are lots of people who don’t know. So I’m going to share a little something with you…

Here’s the big secret – there are lots of ways to orgasm! You can have genital orgasms, breast orgasms, nipplegasms, ballgasms, breathgasms, energygasms, analgasms, cosmicgasms, laughgasms, crygasms, lovegasms, heartgasms, floggergasms, dancegasms, musicgasms, racketballgasms, gymgasms and loads more!

Very simplified, an orgasm is a release of energy, an expulsion of built up tension. Qualities often associated with orgasm are increased heart rate, muscular contractions, deeper breathing, and feelings of peace, euphoria, love and much more. Some people actually have several types of orgasms all at once. I often cry or laugh during a genital orgasm. It just happens and is part of the big energy release that started in my genitals but has spread through my whole body and if I’m lucky, through my whole being!

So, how do you have these other kinds of orgasms? Well, sometimes they just happen. Have you ever been laughing with a friend where the laugh comes from deep inside your belly and you can barely breathe and the whole world just becomes your intense laughter? That’s a laughgasm fotr sure!

You can also practice cultivating different types of orgasms. I say practice because it helps to get your mind to be quiet and that usually takes some practice. When you’re in the middle of a great sexual orgasm you are rarely thinking about the cooking, cleaning or business. You are fully in the moment. Even if it only lasts a few seconds, your mind is not engaged.

One way to increase your chances of these different sorts of orgasms is to give yourself fully and completely to whatever you are doing. Be utterly present whether you are gardening, dancing, making love or singing, do it with deep presence and awareness. Before you know it there will be no separation between you and the thing that is occurring, and that in itself is a form of orgasm. Just reading about it might not make sense. Try it out for yourself. If it doesn’t work the first time, keep trying. You’ve got nothing to lose and only amazing orgasms to gain.



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