The Bedroom Department – Boudoir or Bombsite?

Sex, sex, sex! Everyone wants to do it, to get more, to enjoy it more, to add variety and spice, and the bedroom has to be where the majority of people have it. Whether you’re in a long term relationship, exploring with a lover for the first time or simply enjoying fun for the night, the bedroom is usually where the action happens!

So take a good look at your bedroom… Is it a decadent, sumptuous love location or more of a libido killing,  laundry ridden catastrophe zone?

We often read about accessories to enhance your love life, visually stunning lingerie to seduce your lover and various aphrodisiac items to create a harmonious, lust inducing atmosphere.   But I want to strip it back to basics, pardon the pun, so you can really get the most from, and in, your bedroom.

Tidy up!

First thing to do is lose the clutter. A million random items scattered around your most intimate of rooms is not sexy! So roll those sleeves up and remember, a place for everything and everything in its place. Room looking more organised? Feeling better? Good – see, we told you!

Open the windows

Bedrooms can get notoriously musty. After all, we sleep in them for many hours, in the warm – and sleeping isn’t all that happens. Well we hope not anyway. So open those windows, let the fresh air in and your bedroom will instantly feel fresher, brighter and more inviting. Cold air is also brilliant for killing bed bugs – an added bonus!

Make the bed

Don’t just make it – make it inviting! If your sheets are lack lustre, old, worn, faded, bobbly – it’s time to get new ones. Cartoon characters may be cute but unless you have a serious Hello Kitty or Superwoman fetish – perhaps decide against them.

Think about the colours, do they match your room? Dark reds, contrasting blacks, these tones can give desirous and lusty connotations in the right setting.

What about the material? Satin sheets are famously silky and sexy but preferable in summer when they won’t feel so chilly! Cotton/poly mix are cheaper but will not last as long as 100% cotton, which are warm in winter, cool in summer and comfortable to both sleep and play in. Why not keep a PVC sheet in the cupboard for splashy, messy, sexy play?

You may get lonely at nights but a mountain of teddies upon the bed can be a serious turn off for some . One or two for nostalgic or sentimental reasons may add to the intimacy between couples; however if it looks more soft toys than sex toys, you might want to consider getting rid. They also store dust mites – which are not sexy in the slightest.

Comfort is a must if you are going to be indulging in hot action between the sheets. Make sure you have enough pillows and a good supportive mattress. No stabbing pains or cricked necks allowed!

Be prepared

Make sure you’re fully stocked on sexy essentials. There’s nothing worse than rifling through the bedside drawer at the crucial moment only to be ‘foiled’ when you can’t find any condoms, batteries or lube! Keep your sex toys stored well and within reach, so they are always ready to be an unintrusive part of playtime.


The bedroom is the place where you want to be able to relax, be soothed, calm, get naked and get sexy. You can create that delicate balance of warm ambience and erotic romance in several ways.

Warmth – A freezing cold room doesn’t usually lend itself to sexy propositions! Avoid the goosebumps and make sure your bedroom is warm enough to get naked in. Make sure you close the windows early enough before bedtime so you’ll both be ready to get comfortable together.

Scent – Smell is a very powerful sense. It can conjure up images, fantasies, memories and stir desire. There are a number of scented candles that will leave your bedroom smelling delicious and giving connotations of all the pleasures of the flesh. A number of these can also be used for erotic massage as an added bonus! We particularly love the Jimmyjane massage candles.

Lighting – Harsh, bright lighting can be both unflattering and intimidating to one or both partners. With the emphasis on confident, easy loving, make sure your bedroom has either a soft lamp or uplighter to cast a gentle light over proceedings. Or light some candles so that you can both enjoy the erotic flickering silhouettes of your joined bodies.

Psychological hints – Let them know what you want – without saying a word! Now that your bedroom is the ultimate in beautiful boudoirs, you can afford to carefully place subtle hints to display your intentions. Whether it’s an amazingly sexy piece of lingerie casually draped over the bedpost, some dressing table essentials from a gorgeously packaged sensual range or a beautiful designer vibrator conveniently within reach, those ideas will be planted in your lovers mind and give your imaginations the freedom to run wild.


Following all these tips will help make sure you’re in the best place possible to enjoy the best sex of your life – your very own bedroom.


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