The A-Z of Sex, ‘S’ part one

There are so many sexy ‘S’ words that I’ve had to divide them into two parts. Here is the first half for you:

Shag – A slang term for sexual intercourse.

Snog – A slang term for kissing or making out.

Strap on – A strap on is a dildo that is worn on the body in a special harness. Harnesses and dildos come in all different shapes, materials and sizes so they can be comfortable for both the wearer and the receiver.

Sub/Submission – Submission refers to sexual power play and more specifically to the person who is lending their power to the Dominant. The ‘sub’ surrenders their power consensually to be held for an agreed amount of time to the ‘Dom/me

Sub space – An altered state of being that some ‘sub’s’ find themselves in when they fully surrender to the Dom/me and the scene that they are involved in.

Safe, sane and consensual – SSC or ‘Safe, sane and consensual’ is a code of conduct and practice used by the BDSM community. Everyone agrees to play safely, that they are of sane mind and that all activity is consensual. Some people prefer RACK (described in last week’s A-Z) as they feel that the terms ‘safe’ and ‘sane’ are too vague and subjective.

Safeword – Safewords are code words used in BDSM play to communicate needs quickly. For example, a Top might ask their Bottom how they’re doing and rather than have to find too many words to explain, the Bottom can just reply with their safeword for ‘I’m fine let’s carry on’. Traditionally traffic light colours are used, although many people have their own unique safewords too.

Sir – A term of respect that some Dom’s or Top’s are referred to by. Each Dom or Top will have their own preference and will share this with their sub or bottom during the negotiation part of a BDSM scene.

Scat – Scat or scatology is arousal from feces. People who are into scat play might like anything from watching someone defecate to holding or playing with poo and much more.

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