The A-Z of Sex, ‘R’

From romance to rimming, here is this week’s A-Z of Sex…

Rope – One of many items that can be used for restraint (see below). There are all sorts of types of rope, made from different materials with different widths and uses. Shibari is an ancient and beautiful form of Japanese rope bondage. If you want to use rope as part of your sexual explorations, it is good to learn about it from someone in the know. Otherwise make sure you educate yourself about it, know the safety precautions, where and where not to tie and always have medical scissors to hand in case of an emergency. Also, never leave a bound person on their own.

Rimming – The act of providing pleasure to someone’s anal area with your mouth, lips or tongue.

RACKRisk Aware Consensual Kink. This is a paradigm or code used in BDSM communities. It acknowledges that some activities carry risk and that each player is aware and consenting to take part in the activity at hand.

Risk – Being sexual has certain risks that any actively sexual person should be aware of. Women of childbearing age risk pregnancy during unprotected and sometimes even protected sex. Sexual contact also carries the risk of contracting or spreading infections. As seen above with RACK, certain BDSM activities also carry a risk. It should also be mentioned that sex can have emotional and mental risks too.

Roleplay – Roleplay is a great way to spice up your sex life or to explore personas you might not otherwise feel comfortable exploring. You can dive as little or as much into roleplay as you like. For example, you might decide that one of you will be the boss/teacher/captor and the other person is going to be the employee/student/captee and let your scene unfold from that. Or you might add in costumes, an intention for where you’d like the scene to go and even props!

Romantic – Romance or being romantic is something that occurs between people who are in love or have deep emotional feelings for each other. It can be expressed in a multitude of ways. Traditionally romantic gestures include things like giving flowers, leaving each other love notes, cooking dinner for each other, holding hands, etc, however there really is no limit. What feels romantic to you?

Restraint – Something used to keep a person from moving. It could be rope, handcuffs, ties and more. Restraint might be used as part of an elaborate BDSM scene or just as an added bit of fun in the bedroom.

Romp –  Slang term that generally refers to a playful time in bed!

Receive – The act of allowing something to be given to you. During sex sometimes we are the giver, sometimes the receiver and sometimes both at the same time!

Rabbit – One of the most popular and well-known sex toys, the Rabbit is a vibrator that has a clitoral stimulator attached.

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