The A-Z of Sex, ‘N’

This week brings us to ‘N’ in our A-Z of Sex…

No – Possibly the most important word in your sexual vocabulary. Being able to say ‘no’ to something you don’t want not only empowers you, but is a huge gift to your partner. No one wants to be getting their sexy on, offering up their best moves to find out later that their partner really didn’t want to do ‘that thing’. Saying no shows that you have good strong boundaries and keeps everyone safe. If you can’t say ‘no’ at the right time, your ‘yeses’ are meaningless.

Needle play – Also called play piercing, needle play is the eroticizing of temporary piercings. Piercings can be part of a BDSM scene or just for the pleasure of it. Often piercings are done in a pattern on the body. Some play piercing is done as part of a wider ritual or as transformational BDSM healing. If you want to try play piercing, it’s best to learn from an experienced piercer. As piercing can sometimes draw blood, it is essential to use full safe sex practices, including wearing gloves and having a sharps box for the used needles.

Nipples – Nipples are sensitive areas on the chests of both men and women. Women’s nipples have the capacity to deliver breast milk. Some people enjoy having their nipples played with and stimulated during sexual activities.

Nipple play – Focusing on the nipples during erotic play. This could be anything from using your mouth or hands to stimulate the nipples, to using nipple clamps or even needles. Some people love to have their nipples played with and can even orgasm from it. Other people find that their nipples are very sensitive and prefer to have more gentle sensations or none at all.

Nipple clampsA sex toy that attaches to the nipple to provide erotic stimulation. There are lots of different styles and types of nipple clamps including these vibrating nipple clamps, these Chain Link Press Style Nipple Clamps, and these Metal Worx Magnetic Nipple Clamps. Nipple clamps are some of the most popular types of bondage equipment for beginners, due to the unique sensations they produce.

Nookie – Slang word for sex

New Relationship Energy – A term used in the polyamorous community to describe the buzz and excitement at the beginning of a new relationship.

Nibble – Gently biting, licking or chewing. In a sexual context, usually a part of someone’s body such as their ears, nipples or neck.

Non-monogamy – This is a term often used to describe the variety of relationship possibilities that exist outside of monogamy. Generally speaking non-monogamy refers to consensually having more than one sexual and/or romantic relationship at once.

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