The A-Z of Sex, ‘M’

Mouth – Your mouth is absolutely bursting full of erotic potential! There are energy channels that run from your mouth to your genitals. Stimulating your mouth, particularly your lips, therefore increases arousal in the body. Your mouth is fabulous for giving and receiving kisses, for licking, nibbling, tasting and of course, communication!

Medical play – This is the eroticizing of various aspects of the medical world. It could include anything from role-playing being a doctor, nurse or patient to enemas, using medical equipment, doing ‘exams’ and much more.

Masturbation – The act of self-pleasuring or stimulating yourself. Masturbation is important to help you have a good connection to your own sexual self, so that you know what you like and aren’t dependant on someone else to provide that for you.

Master – A title for a male Dominant, i.e. ‘My Master likes to tie me up and spank me.’

Marks – The delightful bruises, scars, lines or other visible impressions that remain (usually temporarily) on your body after certain forms of sexual exploration. This could include impact play such as flogging, caning or spanking, play piercing, cutting, and much more. It is good etiquette to ask if your partner is happy to have marks after a play session. If they are not, make sure that you don’t leave any!

Making love – A term for sexual exploration and play. Most people assume that ‘making love’ includes penetration, however I don’t think that’s necessarily true. When we are being sensual or erotic with someone, even if no one is penetrated, that could be said to be making love.

Muff – Slang term for vulva.

Missionary – Ah, the missionary position. It often gets a bad rap as boring or uninventive, but it is a fabulous, wonderful position! Very basically it involves the ‘receiver’ to be lying down on their back and the ‘penetrator’ to be on top of them, facing them. It’s great because it’s easy to align your bodies and you can look into your partner’s eyes and see the pleasure on their face. Totally hot!

Marriage – Marriage is in the news a lot these days as America attempts to come into the 21st century and allow same-sex marriages. Marriage is when a couple declares their love to world, usually in a ceremony in front of friends and family, as well as making their partnership ‘legal’. Sadly, many countries around the world only allow legal marriages between one man and one woman.

Monogamy – The practice of being in a relationship with just one other person.

Metrosexual – A wonderful term that generally refers to men who are usually, but not always, heterosexual, who take a lot of interest in their looks, grooming and style. They are usually urban based and not afraid to get a manicure or wear eyeliner!

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