The A-Z of Sex, ‘L’

Lips – The lovely, lickable, kissable part of your mouth. Lips are great not only for licking and kissing but also for nibbling and sucking and all sorts of sexual and sensual deliciousness.

Lick – Licking isn’t just for lollypops and ice cream! Use your tongue to explore someone’s whole body or mouth. Offer slow, sumptuous licks or light, flickering licks all over your partner’s body. Take time to see where they really enjoy being licked. Try unusual places like their lower back, neck or chest and see how they react.

Lust – Lust is an intense feeling, longing, desire or craving often associated with sexual feelings, but also attributed to power or other parts of life. Lust is raw and consuming and on it’s own can be overwhelming and potentially destructive. Learning to channel lustful energy through the heart will allow you to use that magnificent energy in constructive, positive ways for yourself and others.

Labia – The inner and outer lips of a vulva. Labia, like snowflakes are all unique and beautiful. There is no ‘right’ way for labia to be, they are all absolutely original and fabulous. Labia come in different shapes, textures, sizes and colours.

Lube – Lube or lubricant is something that adds moisture to make penetration or friction more comfortable and smooth. The best lubes are water based. These are healthier for your body and safe to use with condoms and sex toys. However, some water based lubes contain glycerin, which can cause yeast infections in some people.

Silicone lubes are super smooth and safe to use with condoms and some sex toys, but not with silicone sex toys. Coconut oil is a wonderful, natural and organic lube that is safe for use inside and outside of the body.

Lingham – The ancient Sanskrit word for penis. Literally translated it means ‘wand of light’. Using the word lingham for some people helps to bring sacredness and honour to this divine body part.

Love bite – Also known as a ‘hickey’, a love bite is the bruising or marks caused by someone sucking or biting on a part of your body, often the neck.

Lesbian – This term generally refers to women who are romantically and/or sexually attracted to other women.

Libido – Your libido is your sex drive, your desire to be sexual.

Leather – Leather really deserves to have two entries in the A-Z of Sex because it refers to two related but separate things. I will do an entry for each.

1. For many people, leather is a sensual material. Some people like to wear sexy clothes made of leather or use sex toys and tools made of leather. You can get leather paddles, floggers, bondage gear and much more.

2. The Leather community is something else altogether. The full history of the modern day Leather community and its rich culture is far too complex to put into just a few words. Its roots are a complicated blend of gay male culture in America and the rules, regulations, respect, earning recognitionand even boot shining traditions of ex servicemen and motorcycle clubs. What was once an almost entirely underground community has now become a wider known, international community. It has expanded to include members from the fetish scene and people of all different sexualities. Primarily the Leather lifestyle is based on a backbone of rules that include core concepts of trust, truth, and respect, earning one’s way, honour and integrity. And of course – good old hot, sweaty leather sex! (A huge thank you to DK Leather, Head of the UK KRueL Leather Family for all of this information. Find out more at

Lap dance – Generally speaking a lap dance is an erotic dance performed for a paying customer. The dancer may or may not include body contact, depending on their boundaries and the rules, regulations and laws of the place they’re in. Bring some extra zing and excitement to your own bedroom by offering your partner a lap dance or asking them to do one for you. Whether you pay them or not is up to you! =D


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