The A-Z of Sex, ‘K’

This week we get the pleasure of ‘K’ and what better way to start than with a bit of kissing…

Kiss, kissing – Ok, I’m sure you know what kissing is, but just in case you’re not sure, I’ll attempt a definition for you. Kissing is the act of using your lips either on someone else’s lips or parts of their body. Generally, you pucker your lips and place them wherever you’re intending for the kiss to go. Add in a little or a lot of pressure and voila, you have a kiss! Kissing someone on the mouth can be highly arousing and creates an energetic circuit through your bodies. Kisses can be very sexual or not depending on what your intention is. Kissing someone you love or even that you like a lot is actually good for your health. It can help you relax and releases all sorts of healthy chemicals into your body.

Kinky – The term kinky tends to refer to sexual practices that fall into the BDSM realm or what is considered to be outside of the mainstream norm.  Of course what is considered ‘the norm’ is always changing and in recent years BDSM has become much more mainstream. Also, what is kinky to one person might be perfectly normal to another. Perhaps a better way to describe kinky is something that feels a bit risqué or out of your own norm or comfort zone. Used consciously, kinky practices can be healing and transformational as well as pleasurable, part of deepening intimacy and just plain fun!

KY Jelly – This popular lube brand has been around for over 100 years. It was originally created for medical lubricant purposes and quickly became a favourite for sexual pleasure. It is water-soluble and safe for use with condoms and toys.  It has no added colours, additives or spermicides.

Knife play – Knife play refers to consensual use of different sorts of blades or sharp implements during a BDSM scene or erotic play.  This could include knives, switchblades, swords and other sharp tools. These implements could be actually used to cut things such as skin, clothing, or rope or could be used for the psychological factor of creating tension and fear. If you want to play with knives or other sharp objects in your sexual explorations, be very sure that you know what you’re doing, and that it’s completely consensual. Make sure that you have any safety equipment you need including gloves, etc for potential bleeding.





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