The A-Z of Sex, ‘J’

There doesn’t seem to be many J’s in the sexual world so this week is short and sweet. Let me know if you think of any I may have missed.

Jack off – Slang term meaning to masturbate.

Jelly dildos – Jelly dildos are soft and flexible rather than rigid. They are perfect for dildo beginners and especially for anal beginners. That said, they are also good for anyone wanting something a bit different to the usual harder dildos out there. If you’re going to be using one dildo for both vaginal and anal penetration, or on more than one person, be sure to use a condom on it at all times.

Jealousy – Ah, the green eyed monster. Jealousy is a complex emotion that tends to arise when someone feels that someone else has something they don’t or that something will be taken away from them. It can be a mixture of envy, fear, anxiety, insecurity, helplessness and other emotions. Feelings of jealousy can occur whether the perceived threat is real or not.

Johnnies – Slang term for condoms

Jism – Slang term for sperm or ejaculate

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