The A-Z of Sex, ‘I’

Icicles glass dildos – This is an amazing range of dildos! Made of super smooth glass, they come in different shapes and sizes so you can find just the right one (or more!) to tickle your fancy. My personal favourite is the Flower Curve G-Spot dildo. It’s beautiful, sturdy, deliciously smooth and oh so pleasurable! There’s several different textured ones as well as a funky tentacle one and one with glass rose on the end. Which one is your favourite?

Ice cubes –There’s just something deeply arousing about having an ice cube slowly drawn across your hot skin. As it melts, droplets of water run down your skin in a seductively ticklish way. If you’re not a fan of ice cubes, then they might be the perfect torture device in a consensual BDSM scene!

Internet dating – In this modern day and age you don’t even have to leave the house to meet people! The internet has allowed us to learn about potential partners from the comfort and safety of our own homes before we venture out in the real world. There are, of course, pros and cons to this. When I tried internet dating a few years ago, it was lots of fun for a while.  I got to meet and electronically chat to lots of guys I would never have come across otherwise. I was a single mum at the time and didn’t get out much. The first few dates I went on were fun, if not always successful. One guy had a photo on his profile that was at least 20 years out of date! After a while, however, it became a bit tedious. There were lots of men that were only looking for sex or who weren’t who they said they were. I got a bit jaded and stopped doing it. Nowadays I think there are better websites out there. They actually try to match you up with folk they think you’ll like. I’m sure it works for some people too. Internet dating might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I think it’s great for learning about yourself and for dipping your toes into the dating waters. Just writing a profile will help you figure out what you’re looking for and will shine a light on what you have to bring to a relationship too.

Intercourse – Although technically intercourse could mean interactions between people or groups or exchanging thoughts and ideas, it is usually associated with sexual intercourse. In some circles, intercourse refers specifically to penis-in-vagina sex, however it can also refer to other expressions of sex too.

Impotence – Impotence is a sort of old-fashioned term for erectile dysfunction. It refers to the issue of having difficulty getting or maintaining an erection. There are many causes including stress, medical issues, shame and guilt, and unresolved sexual issues. Although there are quite a few popular drugs out there that are supposed to help with erectile dysfunction, they are dangerous and do not address the underlying issues. If you are experiencing erectile dysfunction or impotence, do not despair! It is almost always possible to turn the situation around. Start to look at how you can make some healthy changes in your life. Eat a better diet, reduce the stress in your life, get some exercise and start to address any sexual issues that you’re aware of. Take the focus off of your erection and relearn to enjoy the sensuality of intimacy without worrying what might happen. Take the pressure off of having to get an erection. After a while if you don’t see any improvements, you could seek out a sexual health practitioner, tantra practitioner or other professional that may be able to help you.

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