The A-Z of Sex, ‘G’

Glass – Mmmm, glass dildos and butt plugs – yum! Being made of glass makes these sex toys super smooth. With only a little bit of lube they slide right in for all kinds of pleasure! Run them under hot or cold water for added sensations. If you haven’t tried a glass dildo or glass butt plug, do it now! You’ll be so glad you did.

G-spot – Ah, the G-spot. A place of much mystery and wonder. Once thought not to exist, the G-spot is a sensitive place inside a woman’s vagina. It is not an exact spot as such, more of a collection of erectile tissues that surround the urethra. This area is very receptive and can hold tension and even trauma within its cells. Some women find G-spot stimulation to be absolutely amazing and orgasmic while other women find it uncomfortable or unpleasant. Massage of the g-spot can release tension, bring healing and transformation and also lead to female ejaculation.

Genitals – These are the parts of the body responsible for reproduction. There are internal genitals and external genitals. The external genitals include the penis, scrotum, clitoris, inner and outer labia and the opening to the vagina. It is important to be aware that your genitals do not define your gender.

Gay – A term that refers to men that love and sleep with other men.

Gag – A gag is something that you put in someone’s mouth, usually to stop them talking. The most popular type of gag would be the ball gag. Ball gags come in a variety of different styles and sizes but for the most part all work the same. They have a rubber ball that goes in the mouth and some way of holding it in place. The ball holds the mouth open and stops the person from talking. It will also muffle their cries of pleasure or pain!

Gender – It would be impossible to give just one simple explanation of gender. Gender has been studied, discussed and written about a lot because it is a fluid subject. Very generally, gender is an idea that supposedly points towards masculine, feminine and everywhere in between. Many people assume that gender is a binary system of defining who is ‘male’ and who is ‘female’, however that is extremely limiting and not actually the case. Gender is a concept, an assigned societal role, a set of assumed behaviors, traits and characteristics. It is defined differently in different cultures and at different times throughout history. For example, it used to be masculine to wear make-up, wigs and pink. Nowadays those things would be considered by some to be feminine. Some people consider cooking or liking flowers to be feminine and yet many of our famous chefs or gardeners are men. It’s important to point out that gender has nothing to do with what genitals you have or who you like to sleep with.

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