The A-Z of Sex, ‘F’ Part 2

There were so many ‘F’ related sexy words that I had to do it in two parts. You can read the first part here. Here is the second part for you:

Female ejaculation – Female ejaculation, sometimes known by its slang term of squirting, is when a woman’s body releases fluid during or after sexual arousal. Although porn would have you believe that this fluid squirts out of the body in copious amounts, for most women that is not really the case. Sometimes it just comes out and the woman may feel like she’s urinating. The fluid actually comes from the tissues that surround the urethra, but is not urine. In ancient cultures, female ejaculate was thought to be sacred nectar. It was held in deep reverence and used in sacred rituals that celebrated female sexuality.

Flirting – Flirting is being playful and fun and maybe even provocative with someone. You can flirt with body language, in written communication, via text, over the phone and lots of other ways. It isn’t always necessarily a sexual thing either. It can be a way of playfully connecting with another, connecting to your own vitality and aliveness or a way of letting someone know you’re interested in them in some way. The easiest way to learn to flirt is to always, always, always be yourself. Be aware of the other person and just have fun. I once had a friend ask me how to flirt. I told her to catch a guy’s eye and then look away. Wait a sec and then look back to see if he’s looking at you and if he is, give him a smile. She got it instantly! Of course there is lots more to flirting than just the old eye flirt, but it’s a great place to start.

Fingering – Yum, such a sexy word! Fingering is using your fingers to sexually stimulate yourself or someone else. Particularly, inserting fingers into a vagina or anus.

Foreplay – Foreplay is intimate connection that leads to sexual arousal. It can be emotional, mental, spiritual, physical and more. It prepares our bodies, minds and souls for deeper sexual connection. It helps us to relax and creates trust. Foreplay can include things like bathing together, eye gazing, kissing, stroking, caressing, cuddling and much more.

Foreskin – Foreskin is the bit of skin and mucous membrane that covers the penis. The skin is the outer part of the foreskin and the mucous membrane is the inner part. Often the foreskin will cover the penis when it is not erect and then retract, as a man gets aroused. Men that have been circumcised have had their foreskins removed.

Fetish – A fetish is when a person finds something sexually arousing that perhaps is not intrinsically sexual or when that person needs the object of the fetish in order to be aroused. If you generally fancy tall men but don’t have to be with one to be aroused, that’s just a preference. A fetish would be that you have to be with a tall man to be aroused or that just seeing a tall man turns you on. A very common fetish is feet. Some people find it arousing to touch, caress, stroke, kiss and pamper someone else’s feet and some folk find it arousing to be on the receiving end of that. Some people have fetishes for certain kinds of materials such as latex, rubber or leather. I’ve always had a certain fetish for kilts. Doesn’t matter much who is wearing it, a kilt will almost always arouse me. Top hats too, strangely enough. Occasionally the fetish can become a problem. I once knew a chap who had a fetish for hot air that was blowing. It had to be blowing, not still. He could not get aroused unless there was a fan heater or hairdryer blowing in the background. He would get aroused at hand dryers in public loos. He told me that he took extra hairdryers on holiday (even to hot climates) to ensure he could get aroused on holiday.  Do you have a fetish?

Fisting – Also known as fist fucking, this is the act of inserting a full hand into a vagina or anus. Depending on your level of experience with this, I’d strongly suggest you take it slow and easy. Use more lube than you think you need, wear a glove and start with one or two fingers. Allow the vagina or anus to relax and become comfortable with just a bit more at a time. Usually the person making the fist will actually keep their fingers straight and clenched closely together. It may or may not be desirable to actually make a fist shape. It will depend on the anatomy and desires of the person receiving the fisting. It is possible for some people to be able to fist themselves. Same rules apply – lots of lube and slow and steady! Some people also enjoy double fisting – the insertion of two fists at once. 

Fire play – Let me start by saying that any form of fire play is potentially very dangerous. I would recommend that you get some training in it before trying it out with a partner. Definitely never try it on your own! If for whatever reason you can’t get training, read everything you can get your hands on and have more than enough of the correct safety equipment in the room with you. Once you know what you’re doing and have taken care of the safety aspects of fire play, it can be utterly delicious, and dare I say it – HOT! There are lots of ways to play with fire in a sexual setting. One of the most common ways is to have fire swept across your skin with special sticks that hold the flame. The actual fire is held just above your skin for most of the time, only touching down briefly, with the hand of the person holding the fire following swiftly behind. These sticks can also be used to drum fire around your body. You can also have shapes drawn on your body with whatever fuel you’re using and then set them alight, quickly putting them out with a hand, or fire blanket.

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