The A-Z of Sex, ‘F’ Part 1

This week brings us to the letter F. It is a fabulous letter with lots of sexual possibilities. So many in fact, that this will be a two parter. Part 2 will be published next week.

Flogger – A flogger is a tool used to create impact on the body. It usually has a handle or shaft and long strips of leather, suede, rubber or other materials. These long strips are called the ‘falls’.  Floggers come in a wide variety of lengths, colours, quality and sensation. For example, you can get floggers that offer a ‘thuddy’ feeling and floggers that offer a more ‘stingy’ effect. As with most BDSM tools, I would recommend you try one on yourself before striking someone else with it. Try it on your own forearm or thigh so you know what it feels like. While most floggers are meant for impact, some floggers also provide softer, more sensual sensations.

Fantasy – A fantasy is something that turns you on when you think about it or engage in it. Fantasies come in lots of shapes and sizes including stories, mental pictures, concepts or ideas. You may or may not wish your fantasy to actually come true. Some fantasies are fun to play out and some are better left just to the imagination. Fantasies can be triggered by many things including life experiences, people you meet or see, sexual experiences you’d like to have, photos, erotic writing, films, and much much more. Do you have any sexual fantasies? Would you like to act them out?

Fuck – What a wonderful word! It has so many uses and applications. It can be a noun, adjective, adverb or verb. Very basically it means to have sex, i.e. ‘We are fucking’ or ‘Let’s fuck’. However it can also refer to the person you’re having sex with, ‘They are a great fuck’ or describe how the sex was, ‘It was fucking great’. If you want to hear more about the versatility of the word fuck, look up what Osho, the great eastern mystic had to say about it. His video describing all the uses for the word fuck is genius and hilarious too!

Fuckbuddy or Friend with benefits– A slang term that refers to a casual relationship with someone for sex only. Generally both (or all) parties agree that the arrangement is for no-strings-attached sex, without the usual relationship expectations or commitments.

Fondle – To fondle someone is to touch, caress, or play with someone lovingly and sometimes with erotic intentions. Sort of like cuddling with sexual overtones.

Fun – Every time we have sex it’s different. It can be serious and healing, intense, emotional and much more. It should also sometimes be playful and FUN! It releases endorphins and other ‘happy’ chemicals into the body and can be a great way to connect to our vibrant, bouncy fun self.

Food – Eating and being fed can be enormously sensual and sexual. Food can be an aphrodisiac, used to tantalize or tease, or play a part in the actual sexual proceedings. Food is also an important part of keeping ourselves healthy and in shape for sex too. Foods such as oysters, almonds, chocolate and figs are said to increase arousal. Foods such as pineapple, cinnamon and vanilla are believed to help semen taste better. Try pouring slightly cooled melted chocolate over your partner and then licking it off or feed the melted chocolate to each other with your fingers.  Try eating a peach or banana in a sexy, flirtatious way to arouse your partner. What food do you find sexy?

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