Sun, sea and sex toys!

There’s something about going on holiday, whether you are single or in a couple that simply makes you horny.

I’m not quite sure whether it’s the sun, large amounts of alcohol and flesh on display or the freedom, lack of responsibility and complete abandonment you feel.  Whatever the reason, most of us seem to have more sex on holiday than at home.

If you’re single, the excitement of meeting someone new and hooking up for a night or 2 of passion may be overwhelming but remember to please be safe.

Drinking can impair your judgement and I’m not talking about beer goggles here.  Drinking combined with the freedom you feel on holiday can make you act recklessly.  Always use a condom, as well as protecting you from unwanted pregnancy, they will protect you against STI’s.  However, they won’t protect you from the beer goggles effect – so go easy!

If you’re getting away with your partner, then holiday is a great time for putting the spark back in to your relationship.

If you’re looking to create at the ultimate romantic setting in the hotel room, then go for the Bed of Roses.   Sprinkle the scented silk rose petals on the bed and light the tealights for a really sensual setting.  Packed in a box it’s perfect for travelling and once out of the box will turn any room into a sensual, stunning backdrop for a night of passion and romance.

The Naughty Weekender Kit is another boxed set which is great for a naughty weekend away funnily enough!  It contains everything you need for a saucy night after sangria.  Massage oil, a blindfold, sexy coupons and tealights to name a few.

Lube is a must as the climate change, surroundings and change in diet can play havoc with your bits.  Try this Kissable Ice Creme Cooling Lubricant, it comes in tasty travel size tubes and cools as it’s applied.  If you want to take your love making to the hotel shower, then try our tiny 15ml travel bottles of silicone lube from Swiss Navy.  Silicone lube will work just as effectively in water as out and will give you a slip sliding ride.  Don’t forget that if you’re just taking hand luggage you cannot take anything more than 100ml and will have to take all liquids out and place them in a plastic bag so choose your product with this in mind.

With regards to sex toys, although there are no strict regulations, think wisely!

All suitcases and bags are X rayed so try not to take anything too big or strange looking, you don’t want to draw attention.   I’d also suggest packing things in your suitcase rather than hand luggage if you can.

If you’re only taking hand luggage then there are lots of inconspicuous products that are small in size and if plucked from your bag by airport staff, won’t be too obvious to other passengers.    The Handy Massager is small and lightweight and looks just like its namesake.  Plus it’s cheap.  You wouldn’t want to take your Lelo Nea just in case the powers that be decide you cannot take it with you.  Disposable cock rings are also great as they’ll cause minimum fuss, take up minimum space  and deliver maximum fun!

With bondage gear, again be careful.  Handcuffs and electro sex products could get confiscated for obvious reasons.  Silk ties are a good replacement, The Vanilla bondage Kit is perfect as it looks like a tub of ice cream but inside are silk ties and a blindfold.

Batteries are also best bought when you arrive at your destination.  As well as being safer – they’ll also be more powerful.

However hot you decide to make your break away, here’s hope our guide helps you to go red in the cheeks for all the right reasons!

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