Stressful Times Call For Killer Curves

With the ups and downs of everyday life, men want something to hold onto.

Studies have found that in stressful times, men are attracted to women with curves! At Sextoys HQ, we think this is brilliant, and love that there’s been research done on the subject!

In a British psychology study, 80 male participants were split in two groups.

The first group were put through an exercise in order to raise their stress levels. Afterward, they were tested to ensure that they were uneasy, and shown pictures of women of all sizes (from emaciated to severely overweight).

The results showed that stressed out guys found the normal to heavier weighted women most attractive. The men who had not been subjected to stress opted for the slimmer physiques.

Author, Dr Viren Swami stated that when socioeconomic certainty or personal welfare is threatened, men seek more mature characteristics in women.

Professor Cary Cooper, of Lancaster University also said that ‘stressed men are going for fuller-figured maternal types.’

Researchers from the study think that men subconsciously assume that mature bodies will be mature in personality, and in the way that they handle situations.

They also added that this research could explain that in some cultures where people are deprived of basic resources, larger bodied females are greatly valued.

Experts have long discussed this fuller figure theory, and have seen that curvy actress Mae West was the go-to girl for male movie-goers in the depression era, and that during 46 years of Playboy magazine centerfolds, years of recession have called for models with larger waists.

Bodies like those of Kelly Brook will be coveted by stressed out males, whilst figures like thin Kate Bosworth’s won’t get a second glance.

A study such as this shows us to show off! Be proud of your curves, now more so than ever. Why not release them in the bedroom with something from our range of sexy lingerie!? Spice up your naughty wardrobe to remind yourself of the power of your body.

Give your partner some stress relief after a long day at work – Your curves might be exactly what he’s looking for!

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