Spring has sprung!

Don’t know about you, but spring has definitely sprung in my body and in my home. Maybe it’s the sunshiney weather or the longer days, but something frisky is definitely in the air. So what to do with all this sexy energy, these high levels of arousal coursing through my veins?

Well for one, I’m going to enjoy it. It feels really good, perky and vibrant to have huge amounts of sexual energy buzzing around. So often when we feel like this we’re quick to want to ‘satisfy’ it, to orgasm and put out the fire, so to speak. That’s all well and good, but what about just feeling it without trying to change it or chase an orgasm? Let your springy sexual energy fill your whole body. Feel yourself tingling with electric earthy energy.

I’m also going to use all this randy energy as fuel to get things done. Seriously, sexual energy is the most potent energy we have and it’s always available to us. I’m going to use this extra energy to help me have a good spring clean, get my work done and probably do a lot of dancing too!

Being the nature lover that I am, I’ll probably go outside and meet ‘Spring’ head first too. There’s nothing quite like lying on the earth and letting your sexual energy meet the pulsing of the planet, rolling sensually in the grass or rubbing your back on a big tree like a bear in heaven!

If you’re finding that spring has sprung in your body, don’t rush to get rid of it. Feel it, luxuriate in it, play with it, let it breathe life into you! Use it to flirt, cook, sing, create and, of course, make love with. Make friends with it, have fun and be grateful that you are so full of potent sexual energy!

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