Spring clean your sex life!

After months of freezing cold weather, many of you will be looking forward to the spring.

As the temperatures thaw and the birds start to sing, get out your feather duster and give your house a good clean ahead of the summer.

Spring is a time for new beginnings, so as well as scrubbing the floors and dusting down the skirting boards, why not blow the cobwebs off your dusty old sex life as well?

While some of us have been lucky enough to have great sex all winter, others may have let the extreme weather put a freeze on any bedroom action.


That’s right, post-Christmas hangovers and the January blues can sometimes leave us feeling about as sexy as a walrus, so it’s hardly surprising that getting jiggy is the last thing on our minds.


Fortunately, spring is a great time to get back on track. Improving your diet could be a great place to start as it will instantly give you more energy. Shedding a pound or two could also give you a confidence boost.


Next time you’re at the supermarket, ditch the chocolate, the chips and the winter comfort food and stock up on fresh fruit and veg instead. Be adventurous and you could also find other uses for your strawberries and your carrots!


Then, after you’ve finished trimming the hedges in your garden, you can spruce up your genital topiary, as this is sure to get you in the mood, especially if you invest in some sexy new underwear as well.

Perhaps you could buy some brand new bed sheets and some scented candles to brighten up your boudoir and make it a more enticing place.

And, if you need further inspiration, you can always invest in some sex toys to spice things up!

Of course you may not think that cleaning and sex go hand in hand, but actually, a study of over 7,000 couples in the US found that people who do more cleaning get more action.

The researchers suggested that the “go-getting” nature of those who do more household chores prompts them to be more energetic in other areas, including the bedroom.

So what are you waiting for? With spring just around the corner, dig our your dusters and your rubber gloves, join those birds and bees and get to it pronto!

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