Spring clean your sex life

This is the perfect time of year to have a good spring clean, not just of your home, but also of your whole sex life. It feels great to have a good, deep clear out at home. Pull the furniture out, clear the cobwebs away, throw out old clothes and things you don’t use anymore. Why not apply those same principles to your sex life.

Here are a few areas you might want to focus on:

The boudoir – Is your bedroom cluttered or messy? Are there things, clothes, etc that you don’t use or are just taking up space? Keeping your bedroom clear and uncluttered will make it feel more inviting and encourage more sensual adventures. Clear out any clothes that don’t fit, you haven’t worn for two years or that doesn’t make you feel great. Give them to your favourite charity. Have a good clean, dust and hoover. Throw open the windows for some fresh air and let the room be invigorated by the energy of Spring.

Relationships – are there relationships in your life that aren’t quite working or that need some attention? Focus on the people who are loving, supportive and nurturing to you. Find ways to mend or heal any relationships you’d like to improve on and if you have to, be willing to let go of any toxic or damaging relationships. If there are any issues you’ve been holding on to with your partner, see if you can have a heart to heart chat and clear the air.

Sex toys – It’s great to have a sex toy spring clean every year too. Go through your collection and see what’s there. Is there anything that is worn out or just not used? Do you need to replace anything? Make a list of the toys you’d like to try and treat yourself to one or two for doing all the spring-cleaning!


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