Sound science for better sex…

Whether you’re whispering sweet nothings or giving kinky verbal commands, you might get better results if you apply a bit of science. It’s long been known that the two sides of our brains control different things. The right side of the brain is our more imaginative, intuitive and emotional side and controls the left side of our body. The left side is our more rational, logical and verbal side and controls the right side of our body.

Researchers at a well known university in America recently showed that that people responded to emotional words better if they were whispered into the left ear, whereas they responded to verbal instructions and commands better when spoken in to the right ear.

So if you want to stimulate the emotional, loving side of your partner, whisper into their left ear. Sensual, loving seductions and romantic words of love will have a better impact when received through the left ear. Whispering, rather than speaking at your every day level is more intimate and creates a deeper intimacy and trust. Whispering into the left ear in particular will arouse the right-brained, creative, and sensual side of your partner.

If you want to deliver specific instructions or directions, like in a kinky play scene, try speaking into their right ear.  This will affect the more logical side of their brain, which will help them to process the information more easily. Use a voice just slightly louder than a whisper and see what results you get. The left side of the brain will compute your commands more efficiently and so you’ll get a quicker response.

Why not try it out with your partner? Whisper sweet nothings into their left ear to get things started and then try a gentle (or not so gentle) command or two in their right ear. You might be pleasantly surprised at the outcome!

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