Sizzling Summer Sex

The summer is finally here so whether you’re jetting off  somewhere exciting, staying home & barbecuing in the backyard or flitting off to a festival, here are some tips to make your summer sex super sizzling hot!

If you’re flying somewhere, why not initiate some flirting on the plane? Whisper into your partner’s ear the things you hope to get up to once you reach your destination. If you can’t wait, snuggle up together under the blanket and let your hands have a wander!

There is nothing like holidays and sunshine to get us relaxed and in the mood. Time off work and our daily routine reduces stress and renews our energy. The warm weather actually relaxes our muscles and tissues, which in turn helps arousal and desire to spread through the body. Take advantage of the sunshine to get saucy with your honey.

If you’ve ever fancied yourself as a bit of an exhibitionist but haven’t found a way to explore, summer provides some great opportunities. If you’re staying in a hotel, you could allow yourself to make as much noise as you like & imagine that your neighbors are listening in (and loving it!). If you’re camping or at a festival, you could make love outdoors, or in the tent when people are around outside and might hear you. Be as stealth or obvious as you like.

If there’s a swimming pool, ocean or hot tub where you’re holidaying, it can be tempting to get frisky under water. There are just a few things to remember if you do: Apparently condoms are not tested underwater and so may not be as effective as normal. Chemicals in pools and hot tubs might also affect the condom. It’s also nearly impossible for any area to stay lubricated for long because the water will wash any lube (natural or not) away very quickly. If you fancy a frolic in the water, it might be best to stick to snogging and fondling and save the juicier stuff for dry land!

Things to pack for sexy summer fun: lubricant, condoms, sex toys (batteries if needed), toy cleaner if going somewhere where water isn’t safe/clean. If you’re worried about packing toys, then try something discreet like a bullet vibrator or this innocent looking male masturbator.

Holidays are a great time to be a bit adventurous, so if there is something new you’ve wanted to try this is a great chance. Relax, unwind and set your sexy self free!

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