Sharing fantasies

Fantasies are a great way to explore new parts of your sexual self, to add some extra zing or just have fun in the bedroom. Fantasies can be as simple as ‘Having sex outside’ to something more extravagant like ‘I’m a pirate queen and you are my captured slave’. Some fantasies don’t require much preparation and others allow you to get as creative as you like, including creating just the right setting, costumes and props too!

Here are a few ideas for sharing your fantasies with your partner or lover:

Set aside some time to talk about your fantasies – Sharing your fantasies with someone is a great way to deepen intimacy. You get to reveal parts of yourself that they may not yet know about and you get to learn things about them too. You might find that you share a lot of the same fantasies or that you’re really turned on by one of theirs. Listen to what they have to say without judgment and remember that it’s ok to have different fantasies.

Keep a ‘Fantasy Jar’ – As you and your partner think of fantasies you’d like to try, write them down and put them in the jar. When you’re both in the mood, pick one out and read it together. If you’re both up for it, give it a go. Perhaps you could modify it to make it work, or maybe it will need more planning. At least it will keep the creative sexual juices flowing.

Play the Fantasy Game – As a warm up for the Fantasy Game, take turns telling each other things that you like to receive and things that you like to give during sex. Once you feel a bit more open and ready to proceed, now take turns to share with each other a fantasy that you’d like to come true. Start with simple ones like, ‘I’d like to have sex in the shower’. As you keep sharing you can move on to more elaborate fantasies like, ‘I’m the evil vampire and you are my insatiable slut. I’ve got you held captive in my basement and you are trying to escape.’ You can tell each other just how you imagine it, what you’d like to wear, how you’d like it to go, etc. Then, if you feel like adding another round to the game, you can share fantasies that, although they turn you on, you don’t actually want to come true. Maybe something like, ‘I’d like to have sex with 5 guys at once’.

If you’re looking for some ideas to light your creative fires, have a look through our role-play costumes, these sexy games or read some erotica together. Then take a chance and make your fantasies come true!

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