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Whose words give you the sexy shivers? Which sex toy reviewers have helped you make up your mind on that special present? Now’s your chance to nominate your favourite sex bloggers…

As you trudge to work on your daily commute, or sleep soundly at night, there’s an army of sex bloggers working out the best ways to amuse, titillate and entertain you when you next log on to the internet. In their hundreds, they review awesome sex toys, tell saucy tales, and take tantalisingly smutty photographs for your delectation. Here on The Vibe, we try to profile some of the brilliant people who dedicate their lives to sex writing, and bring you snippets of news from their sex blogging worlds, and now’s your chance to give something back.

It’s time for the Kinkly Sex Blogging vote.

Kinkly is a site dedicated to shagging, mostly of the BDSM and kinky kind. Each year they collate a big list of sex bloggers, and let you nominate your own favourites.

To give you a bit of a nudge, I thought it might be fun to show you some of the great sex bloggers who’ve featured on The Vibe over the last couple of years, so you can help pick the ones you want to vote for – or just gibe you a chance to read their funny, informative, and sexy stuff. Ready? Let’s go.

The Scavenger Hunters

“If you’ve never heard of the Scavenger Hunt, allow me to introduce you. It consists of a long list of challenges, where each challenge is an unusual place or situation in which to get naked, or flash. You don’t have to be completely nude in order to gain a point for that location, you just have to be in a state of undress that would seem inappropriate to any passers-by.”

The stylish LS

We profiled LS (aka Little Spoon Reviews) in March, to find out what grabbed her attention when it came to choosing a new toy…

“I have always had a tendency to pick toys that fit my look, but I have got even more picky over time. These days I’m as selective with my toys as I am with my clothes. I like wanking with things I think are beautiful in the same way I like wearing things that I think are beautiful. I get a similar feeling from using certain toys as I do when I’m going out and my outfit is really on point – I feel like I’ve really got my shit together, ha! It feels good!”

Horny Geek Girl’s memory lane

In June, the lovely (and very horny) Horny Geek Girl popped by to tell us about her first ever sex toy – and it was a pretty steamy trip down memory lane:

“I remember being surprised by how quiet it was, and how strong the vibrations were considering its size. It was great for those “I just need a bit of quick relief” moments. It was also great for phone sex because it was so quiet it didn’t drown out the phone conversation, and I quickly got the knack of positioning it so my pants held it in place leaving my hands free to wander over my body. For a long time those whispered conversations were the soundtrack to my wanking, so much so that if we were out and he leaned over to whisper in my ear, I immediately got all wiggly.”

Let’s hear it for the boys

The lovely JustIndecerous joined us recently to give us the low-down on which male sex toys you should start with, if you’re new to the wonderful world of advanced wanking:

“I’m going to make a somewhat harsh but mostly true generalisation here and say that as guys we are not good at talking about things with each other when it comes to what goes on inside our bedrooms – or at least what’s actually true. Wanking is a given, we all do it, we all know that we all do it and we poke fun at each other about it as has been the natural order of things since we were about 13 years old. Bring up a conversation about sex toys and it will revolve around your girlfriends vibrator collection or the blindfold she asked you to use with those fluffy handcuffs she bought. The idea that as guys we may be using toys ourselves, by ourselves is still a very foreign concept for many that has a certain level of stigma attached to it though there needn’t be.”

Nominate, and let us know!

You have a week in which to get your nominations in, then Kinkly will collate the votes and begin the judging.

I’d also love to know whether there are any individuals or types of bloggers that you’d like to hear more from – as you can see we invite other bloggers to contribute, and if there’s any topic in particular that tickles your fancy, I want to make sure we’re giving you everything your heart (and crotch) desires.

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