Sex toys on ITV’s This Morning

Our good friend and Sex Therapist Jo Hemmings was on ITV’s This Morning this week, talking viewers through various different techniques on how to improve and reignite their sex life.

Female viewers called in with various scenarios from, losing their libido after the birth of a baby to losing the desire for sex with a long term partner.

Jo recommended:

Reading erotic literature to stimulate and arouse.

Erotic Massage to increase intimacy and re connect partners.

And sex toys, to re connect and stimulate themselves.

Loss of libido is extremely common in new mothers. Hormone levels change, you are tired and the dynamics of your relationship are different. It’s extremely important to make time for each other in this transitional period to stay connected both emotionally and physically, erotic massage is a great way to feel close to your partner. If you are still emotionally intimate with your partner but are not feeling arousal, erotic books and sex toys are great ways to rediscover your sex drive.

Losing the desire for sex with a long term partner is also very common. The first flush of lust normally last for 2 years at most and then the ‘cuddle’ hormone kicks in. Reaching a more comfortable stage in your relationship should be a new adventure, the key is not to let the passion burn out completely.

If it’s only one of you that has lost your libido then exploring your sexual side alone with masturbation should take off the pressure. If it’s the both of you, there are many ways that you can spice things up from roleplay to sexy games.

Remember, the more sex you have, the more you will want it!

Products featured on This Morning :

Jessica Rabbit Ultimate Extra

Touche Ice Massager

Erotic Books

Jimmy Jane Form 2

Jimmy Jane Afterglow Candles

RO 80mm Ammunition For Love Bullet

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