Adult Sex Toys For Men

A recent chat with a male friend of mine got me thinking about sex toys for men. This friend of mine is a pretty smart guy and fairly open about sex and sexuality, yet he didn’t realize how many sex toys there were out there for men. Apart from a few pieces of bondage gear, he thought that ‘sex toys’ were synonymous with a dildo or a vibrator, mainly with women in mind.

Rest assured, I took the time to educate him about all sorts of goodies he might like to try. What I actually did was talk to him about what he likes and what new things he might like to try. Then we sat down at the computer and took a stroll through the website.

I figured he couldn’t be the only newbie to male sex toys, so thought I’d share with you a few things he decided to try or was surprised to learn about:

The REV1000 – My friend was immediately drawn to this exquisite sex toy for men. Whoever thought of combining sexual pleasure with gadgetry is an absolute genius and knows just what men like!

The Loving Joy Personal Trainer – This lovely pleasure toy is sort of like the opposite of a dildo. Whereas a dildo is obviously made to penetrate, the Personal Trainer is made to be penetrated. My friend ordered this straight away!

Booty Call Booty Anal Beads – As I mentioned earlier, my friend is pretty open about sexuality and yet it had never occurred to him to try anal beads. He had been with a girlfriend that had played with them, he just hadn’t thought to try it himself. So he ordered these gorgeous beads!

Sextoys Vibrating Cock Ring Plus – Last but not least, my friend had heard about cock rings but never tried one. He chose this one to start with.

Believe me, my friend was grateful I’d shown him all the wonderful sex toys available for men and I know he’ll be back to order more soon!


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