Sex in the shower

I do think that sometimes, our little fantasies are not always easy to make realities.

We’ve all had our moments where the thought of passion in the shower is such a huge turn on, but the reality has been, let’s say, a tad disappointing and in some cases, mild injuries have even occurred! Though you’ve been not hurt too bad physically, the mental scars are enough to put you off.

However, making this fantasy become a steamy reality, and not a trip to A&E has now become possible with the launch of the Sex in the Shower range from Sportsheets.

If you lead a busy lifestyle and time is precious, then you may just want to seize the moment… the water is hot, the air is heavy and you look at your partner’s naked, slippery body and before you know it you’re right in there with them.

This act of spontaneity can also be followed up with a quick feeling of remorse as you realise that sex in the shower is just not as easy as it looks!

The Sex in the Shower Range of sex toys makes things so much easier.This Dual Shower Head ensures that you both stay wet, warm and slippery and no ones left in the cold.The Dual head fits easily onto your shower and gives two sprays of water instead of one.Adjust the sprays to give you a full body spray, pulsating massage, one full body spray and one pulsating massage, full body massage with pulsating massage.

Suction handles and a locking foot rest, allow you to have the most satisfying position ready for penetration with no worry of slipping and sliding.There’s even waterproof sex position cards that you can stick to the tiles for inspiration.

The power shower of your dreams is now possible! Let your fantasy become reality.

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