Sex for medicinal purposes

People have sex for lots of different reasons. We have sex because it feels good and reduces stress; we have sex to connect more deeply with someone – to express our love for someone, to make babies and lots more. One of the most beautiful reasons to have sex can also be for medicinal purposes.

This came as quite a surprise to my partner a few years ago. I put the moves on him when I was feeling sad about something. He didn’t understand how I could remotely be in the mood for sex, but I explained that sometimes sex can feel soothing, comforting and reassuring and that’s what I felt I needed at the time.

On a purely physical level, during sex, the body releases all sorts of feel good chemicals, edorphins and such, that really do make you feel good. So sex for medicinal purposes isn’t quite as strange as it sounds at first. Physical contact has been proven time and again to help premature babies to thrive, sick folk to get well and so much more.

Our sexual energy is powerful stuff – it creates new life, it is life-force energy. We’ve all got our own organic, healthy, especially made love potions at the ready! If you haven’t got a partner, some good self-loving will still get the life-affirming sexual energies flowing. So if you’re feeling low, upset, sad or ill, having sex might be just the medicine you need.


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