Safer oral sex

Giving and receiving oral sex can bring all kinds of added bliss to your sexual activities. It’s such an intimate thing to use your mouth, lips and tongue to pleasure your partner’s cock, pussy or anus. It’s exquisite to receive and delightful to give to another.

Sexually transmitted infections (sti’s) are contracted through blood, semen, pre-cum or vaginal fluid. Although some have more or less risk depending on the activity, all can be contracted during oral sex, whether you’re giving or receiving.

As with any sexual activity, it’s essential to be aware of your sexual health and to know how to look after yourself and your partner(s). Here are some guidelines for making the most of your oral pleasure:

  1. Use condoms whenever you are giving a blowjob and dental dams whenever you are using your mouth on a pussy or anus. Be aware of the skin all around the genital area. If there are any cuts or wounds, make sure they are covered or stay away. If you have any cuts or wounds in or around your mouth, also use a condom or dental dam.
  2. If you are going to be offering oral sex, don’t brush your teeth or floss for at least one hour beforehand to reduce the risk of cuts or abrasions in your mouth. If you have any bleeding in your mouth, refrain from offering oral sex.
  3. If you’ve given any oral sex without protection, make sure you have your mouth and throat checked with you next go for your sexual health check
  4. Be mindful about alcohol and drugs. You might take more risks if you are not completely aware and alert and therefore compromise your sexual and overall health.

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