Playing in Public – Does it turn you on?

What do you mean playing in public? I hear you cry. Well obviously rampant romping on the street corner would be completely out of order. But there are ways to feel very naughty indeed, even when you’re out and about…



Remote Eggs & Vibrators

Remote Eggs are vibrators you can wear internally (in the vagina) either in the bedroom, the house… or further afield! The shape of them means that they stay inside (although you can help this by clenching your pelvic floor muscles – keep them toned with some love/kegel balls). They are easily removed by way of the securely affixed loop cord which you simply pull to remove the toy after use.

We particularly love the Ultra 7 Remote Egg, as well as the fantastic 10 speed Remote Control Bullet!

Remote Butt Plugs

If you’re a fan of anal stimulation, you can literally shake your booty (or have it shaken for you) wherever you go – all the while keeping it hush-hush! Remote controlled anal toys are great fun, as well as the classic butt plugs of course.

The Remote Control Beaded Prober will have you on edge whether you’re in control or you dare hand the controller over to your lover! Or try the Dark Star Anal Probe for intensely fulfilling vibes…

Butt plugs with a flat/slight flare base are ideal to wear underneath clothes, giving you a thrill with every movement. Spice up your day with the Little Smooth Butt Plug or the classic style, before moving up to something even more adventurous, like the Basix Twister styles. Visit the renowned, reliable and definitely raunchy Tantus collection to find even more options, from petite to advanced and special P-spot pleasure plugs for the boys!

As with all anal toys, you won’t want to forget the lube either, to help ease insertion and make it a pleasurable experience/journey. Don’t forget, even though silicone lubricant is amazing for anal sex, you need to use water based lube with all your silicone toys so that the material doesn’t disintegrate. Try Spike Anal lube which comes with a handy built in applicator shape, and add an anal douche for easy cleansing afterwards (and at home)!


Wearable Toys/Harnesses

There is now a selection of toys available on the market that you can conveniently, actually, wear! Whether its a knicker style with integral vibes, strap on butterflies or a dildo/buttplug/combination harness, you choose how you want your public, yet completely discreet, pleasure sensations delivered.

The Vibrating Knicker Tickler is a steal at just £8.95! Why not try it out?

Other areas?

It doesn’t all have to be about the contents of your pants. Some women can orgasm from nipple stimulation alone… one of the top known erogenous zones.

These Heart Shaped Breast Massagers could be worn under a few layers – just press the button and try them out on a walk. Or how about the Lips, or Heart shaped Nipple Stimulators for the same effect?


Good old fashioned fun

Even if you don’t happen to have toys whilst you’re out, or just want some spontaneous passionate, erotic fun with a partner, you can find ways to achieve the excitement of public play. There’s the ages-old game of footsie, discreet fondling and naughty teasing that is sure to have the lucky recipient desperate for action by the time they’re back in the bedroom!

Sending naughty texts (words/pictures/both) to your lover while they’re at work can be a thrill. Receiving them while you’re in a professional, serious or other non-erotic environment can cause a juxtaposition of emotions and sexual awareness that is deliciously addictive. Or how about a cheeky yet intimate phone call describing into your lover’s ear just what you want to do to them right then and there?

Whether you’re a veteran kinkster and mix public play with power exchange, or just a little curious about being a little more naughty than usual, there’s something to help you with your dangerous public liaisons. Playing in public is a guaranteed turn on… just make sure you don’t get caught!

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