New Year, New Sex Life!

How does it happen? You begin your relationship with sparks flying – the sex is amazing, you burn for each other, excitement builds with the anticipation of the climax you know you will each receive – and then, before you know it, all this hot and spicy, simmering lust is reduced to a regular Saturday night routine. The same positions, you’re lucky if you orgasm half as strong and there, you’ve done it… you’ve gone and got stuck in that classic British ‘routine!

Though it may seem that the best is over, there is a way to rekindle the lust you once had, all it takes is a little thought, imagination and for once – a bit of effort! Everyone gets into a routine; it’s simply the way of the world. We discover the things our partner enjoys the most, and once we have found a formula that works, we get lazy and stick to it. However, with a little creativity it is possible to bring back the spark you once had.

Ladies, when was the last time you surprised your man by slipping on some sexy lingerie? Gentlemen, when was the last time you let your lady know you have been thinking of her non stop and made her feel wanted? If the answer is ‘You don’t know?’ now is the time to rekindle some of that lost excitement.

Firstly, you both need to set aside time for each other. Make a promise to spend a night together and stick to it. No excuses, no children (if you have them), no mates popping over – this night is all about the two of you. Making time for each other is the first positive step to finding your lost lust and is a real necessity if your relationship is to last. Now you have a date in the diary – it’s time to plan the evening.

If it’s a candlelight dinner out or a beautiful home cooked meal, either way, your partner will almost instantly be in the mood for the simple reason that you made the effort. Remember, actions speak louder than words – especially to women who need that extra mental stimulation to get turned on.

If this is the first time you have ever really sat and spent an evening devoted to both your sexual pleasures, perhaps begin with a little fun in the form of a cheeky board game. Indecent Proposals is a fun game where sex fantasies are bought and sold – it’s a fantastic way to introduce new ideas; the power of suggestion is a wonderful thing and can really take away any awkwardness. After all the game is telling you to do it……

This is also a chance to don that beautiful new outfit ladies (check out our lingerie section,) there is something to make everyone feel fantastic, no matter what size or shape you are. Just imagine, you pop upstairs for a minute and return, game in hand and sexy lingerie on, how can he resist? Plus, he will have to wait before he can touch you, even more of a tease!

If games are not your thing, then perhaps you could try a sensual massage. Sensual massage is a great way to increase intimacy between you and your partner and to ease away any tension built up from the day. The close contact between you and your lover should lead to some deep running arousal. Try our Jimmyjane massage candles for a really erotic experience. The Jimmyjane Massage Candles melt into sensual, massage oil and come in pouring pots, so you can pour the slippery warm oil on to your partner’s body. What could be more sensual than sharing a glass of wine with the candle lit, waiting for the oils to melt?

To make the experience even more enhanced, why not include one of our Oui Personal massagers? This little darling is sure the set the mood on fire sending tingling sensations to ease away frustrations. Why not have two, so you can massage each other simultaneously?

If neither of these are taking you to pleasure town, then try a sexy surprise. You know he can’t resist you when you’re all dressed up – sexy lingerie is a sure fire way to get his blood pumping. You know what time he will be home, or if you’re both already there, ban him from the bedroom for a moment. Grab our Bed of Roses, light the candles, spread the petals, slip into that sexy new outfit, place yourself in the midst of the petals and simply beckon him… as he enters the room, the sight of you will almost certainly render him intoxicated with desire and your night of steamy passion will commence. For those of you who are brave enough and I do know this isn’t for all of us, you could masturbate as you wait. Seeing your partner pleasuring themselves in this scenario is highly erotic. To know that he or she is ready for you and has got themselves to a pitch in waiting is a serious turn on. Your partner can always continue for you when they arrive. Use a toy if you would prefer – check out our vibrator range for a good selection.

Gentleman, have you let your lady know much you want her lately? Getting your lady in the mood is perhaps a little harder. As well as making your woman feel extra special and good about herself she’ll also appreciate you using a little imagination and putting in that extra bit of effort.

Be romantic, the Enchanted Evening Set is a great way to go from romance that’s guaranteed to end in sex. Champagne, candles and silk rose petals set the scene and make her feel special, chocolate body paint and massage oils take things where you want them to go.

If you find yourselves using the same old positions you may want to check out our Sex Position Cards. With over 52 positions to choose from you can keep things fresh all year! She’ll be thrilled with your enthusiasm and it will keep things interesting for both of you.

If you really want to be spontaneous and make her feel irresistible, join her in the shower and add the Fetish Fantasy Perfect Position Handles. They make sex in the shower easy and she’ll love the surprise and your creativity. We also have a good range of waterproof toys so you can even take a vibrator to the shower.

Simply, the moral of the story is this– keeping the fire burning is essential in any relationship and with a little time and effort, everyone can do it – even you!

Think out of the box a little, dare to be different and keep that romance alive, give sex toys a go! Make time for each other, be creative, try new things and always have fun. With our help, no one needs to have a boring sex life and no one should. So what are you waiting for – take the lead, make the difference and put the piazzas back in your bedroom!

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