Liven up the office Christmas party…

Whether your office celebrates Christmas with a wild party or a more formal sit-down dinner, there are ways to make it fun without any embarrassment the next day. Here are some suggestions for how to keep your job but still have a twinkle in your eye all night:

1. Think about what you’re going to wear. It’s important to remember that although the Christmas Party is a social event, it’s still with your workmates and you’ll want to retain an air of professionalism. However, you could add a little sneaky something underneath your clothes that only you know about. For women, there are these fun remote control panties. Men could try this remote control cock ring. Either use the control yourself, or give it to your partner if they’re with you. Best to avoid drunkenly handing it to your boss though!

2. Don’t drink too much. It can be tempting at Christmas time to let your hair down and make the most of your company paying for the drinks. By drinking less you’ll feel better the next day and avoid any embarrassing antics.  Plus, it’s much better if you’re getting up to something sexy after the party. Too much alcohol tends to deaden the senses and you don’t want to miss out on any of your partner’s smooth moves.

3. Mind your mouth and your manners. You have to work with these folk in the morning. Make sure you’re polite, don’t tell jokes you wouldn’t tell at the office and remember to say thank you to the hosts at the end of the night.

4. If you’ve come with your partner, or even on your own, sneaking away for a quickie will certainly make the night worth remembering, just make sure you’re somewhere where the boss won’t catch you! Take along one of these silent vibrators for extra fun!

5. Is there someone you’ve had your eye on this year and are now hoping for a little kiss under the mistletoe? Absolutely have a little flirt, but save anything more than that for private time. Office parties can sometimes have a ‘surreal’ feel to them, so if you really want to ask this person out, better to wait till another time.

6. Just before you head off to the party, pop in a butt plug and wear it throughout the evening. No one will know and it will certainly make the evening more enjoyable!

7. Most of all remember to relax, put on your best smile and have a little fun. The office Christmas party only happens once a year. It’ll either be great fun or you can leave early knowing that your favourite sex toys are waiting for you when you get home. Either way, the night’s a winner!


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