Keep life interesting, have better sex…

Being adventurous in the bedroom is much easier if you embrace adventure as your whole approach to life. That could mean having a new perspective on the mundane tasks of life or finding new things that you love to do together that make you feel alive, vibrant, sexy and full of energy.

Find ways to broaden your interests together and watch your sexuality blossom in whole new directions.

If you want to try new sensual things, go to a life-drawing class together, learn how to make pottery or try tango or salsa dancing. How about learning a new language together or even taking a cooking class?

If you like something a bit sportier, try ice-skating, horse riding, or rock climbing. What about learning circus skills or scuba diving? Great for getting the blood pumping and helping to create arousal later!

If you want to try something that is good for balancing you physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, check out yoga or meditation.

If you’re feeling really adventurous you could attend workshops to learn shibari, tantra or pole dancing! What about adding to your sex toy collection on a regular basis?

Keeping life exciting and fresh will help bring innovative and creative energies to the bedroom. As you continue explore new things together the intimacy between you deepens and the sexual, sensual fires stay lit for years to come!


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