It’s that time of year again

It’s fast closing in on us all, but I can only speak as a man and the truth is, Valentine’s Day really puts the pressure on.  You can’t help feel  obliged to make some grand gesture towards your loved one to keep up with everyone else because no matter how much they claim they don’t want anything special, the truth is that’s exactly what they want.


Speaking for the world’s male population (as I’ve been hired to do on this blog) I reckon we’d much rather come home to find our woman lying scantily-clad in bed, than receive a pair of heart-shaped cufflinks or some other similarly loved themed pointless object. So, with that in mind, here’s a little idea for any men or women out there who want to make Valentine’s Day less about flowers and chocolate and more about whips and chains… and hopefully save you some cash too, particularly in the current financial climate.


This whole scenario should not only save the stress of trying to think of what to buy each other, but it should also make Valentine’s more about what it should be… making time for your partner and reinforcing your love for one another.


So, first off, screw paying over the odds for a romantic meal at a restaurant surrounded by other doe-eyed couples pretending they’re oh-so-in-love, stay at home and turn the whole night into an exercise in sexual adventure.


Start off in the kitchen by cooking a meal together – make sure it’s all planned out so that you have plenty of extra ingredients (of the messy variety) so you can always give in to temptation. This is a perfect opportunity to either dress up in sexy underwear (both women and men can do this) or even indulge in a spot of role play… depending on who wants to dominate, one person can be the chef, while the other can be the trainee.   As long as you plan it out well, you can squeeze in a naughty quickie while dinner is cooking away or at least tease each other a little to give an idea of what’s going to be happening later on… a wandering hand can get things going or maybe even just a long, passionate kiss to whet each others’ appetites.


When dinner is ready, you can both get dressed up in your best ‘going out’ ensemble, this is a chance to dress to impress and make your evening really special. While you’re sat down at the dinner table you can flirt with each other, rekindling the magic of when you first met. Give each knowing winks, stare into each others’ eyes, play footsie under the table or even make some suggestive comments about what’s going to happen once dinner is finished – with the wine flowing and sexual tension bubbling under the surface the stage will be set for a highly charged finale… which doesn’t necessarily have to take place in the bedroom.


After dinner you can continue in any way you so desire, as long as it involves some sex-based activity. You could have a nice relaxing snuggle with each other – ok, a tad soppy, but it’s Valentine’s Day so you’re allowed to be a little bit cheesy. And anyway, a naked snuggle leads to all kinds of naughtiness if you want it to.


Or maybe you could watch a porn film together and let that inspire the rest of your evening. Perhaps a sensual massage session will tickle your fancy? Or, if you want to keep the evening a bit more sexually charged, then simply let your lustful feelings take over and tear each others’ clothes off and go at it right there on the spot, wherever you are. Some of you might want to get some sex toys involved in proceedings or get some bondage action on the go. Whatever you do, the latter part of the evening should be dedicated to some red-hot sexual activity, sod all the lovey-dovey business… that can wait after the deed is done.


My point is, Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be about grand gestures and spending silly amounts of money on going out, it should be about spending precious time with the one you love and having a bloody good time while you’re doing it. Letting your imagination run wild and stoking the flames of passion are what should make the night a special one. So get to it…

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