It’s in his sex

Cher says it’s in his kiss and she’s right, however, you can also tell a lot about how a man feels about you by the way he makes love.


If his trousers are round his ankles and he’s trying to ‘put it in’ the moment  kissing gets slightly passionate, then you can probably assume that this guy is just in it for the sex.


Someone that’s really into you will want to relish the moment and make sure that you have as good a time as he does.  He’ll want to kiss you, caress you, enjoy your body and have lots of eye contact.  He’ll want to make the most of every second.


However, this isn’t always the case.  Some men are simply inexperienced or shy and this could well be the reason for such eagerness and lack of attention.  So another way to tell if he’s a keeper or a filler is the way he behaves after your erotic encounter.


A guy that’s into you will more often than not start out as a cuddler. The early stages of infatuation means a potent chemical cocktail should keep him tuned in and turned on and unable to keep his hands off of you — before, during, and after sex.  However a man’s body works differently from a woman’s and it’s a natural reaction for a man to return to a pre aroused state and want to sleep.  So if he falls asleep right away, don’t despair all is not lost.


The guy you need to worry about is the one that ups and leaves.  He’s the guy that doesn’t want any kind of intimacy and is definitely NOT a keeper.  If sex is all you want then this is the guy for you.  However, as a woman, separating the emotions from sex can be hard due to the release of Oxytocin, the ‘cuddle’ hormone which evokes feelings of bonding and emotional attachment.


Above all, trust your gut instincts.  If you’re getting the vibe he’s just not that into you –  you’re probably right!




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