Is this the weirdest condom ad you’ve ever seen?

Dinosaurs make everything better. Even condoms.

What do you look out for in a condom? Price? Size? Flavoured or unflavoured? Textured? Or, when selecting the best prophylactic to use during sex, are you mostly considering whether the company has used CGI dinosaurs in their latest ad campaign?

If it’s the latter, you’re in luck, because the condom brand Okamoto in Japan has done exactly that.


It’s quite beautiful – like an Attenborough documentary dreamed up by a horny Ross Geller off Friends. The only question it leaves hanging, though, is: how would a T-rex, with its tiny T-rex arms, manage to get the condom packet open in the first place?

I mean, it could rip the foil off with it’s teeth, but that would probably lead to a fair few holes in the condom itself, rendering it useless. And don’t get me started on how it would roll the damn thing on. Someone needs to CGI this, for science.

Selling sex

As someone who writes for lots of sex websites, as well as my own blog, I can tell you that although ‘sex sells’, it can often be hard to get people’s attention. When even food companies are trying to get in on the action by using sex to sell takeaway, it can be tricky to get people’s attention.

And that’s why condom companies so often have to resort to hilarious or over-the-top ads to sell their products.

I’ll be honest, apart from my almost crippling fetish for dinosaur sex, I had another reason to show you the advert above. I wanted an excuse to dig through YouTube and find one of my favourite condom ads of all time. Enjoy…


Need condoms?

I don’t have any nifty marketing techniques up my sleeve, but while you’re here and you remember, why not head over to our ‘essentials’ section and pick up some condoms?

You can even pretend to be a T-rex when you’re rolling one on. Do let me know how you get on…

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