​Intro to electrosex – the weirdest shag you didn’t know you could have

Recently, I ran electric current through my junk and then had sex with my partner. In isolation, that sounds like a bizarre and – frankly – torturous thing to do. But when you know a bit more about electrosex, you’ll understand why it was so incredible. Let me tell you about ElectraStim.

ElectraStim is a company that makes
electrosex equipment – battery and control packs that allow you to
channel electricity through various parts of your body. There are
lots of different ways to channel the electricity – through
electroconductive pads that you can stick on your skin to butt plugs
and male masturbators
that give you a more precise sensation.

How does electrosex work?

Essentially, electric current does a
couple of important things. Firstly, it gives you sensation – this
can be anything from a light tingling (like the onset of pins and
needles, but in a nice way) to a more intense pain (for BDSM play, if
you’re into that). The second thing it does is make your muscles
tense up. Remember those old tens machines that people use to try and
tone muscle? Where you stick the pads onto your stomach, then you’re
guaranteed rock-hard abs in a week? It’s a bit like that. The
electric current causes your muscles to tense, but instead of toning
muscle the aim is to give you exciting sexy pleasure.

Is electrosex painful?

Let’s be honest here: looking at some
of the ElectraStim equipment it can seem fairly scary. I – perhaps
like you – was initially tempted to write it off as something that
would only really appeal to more hardcore sadists and masochists.
After all, I’d done what most people do when they’re younger and
touched an electric fence to see what happened to me, and I did not
like the resulting jolt.

However, the key thing with electrosex
is that you can pick your level of sensation. When you first turn on
the ElectraStim flick pack the sensation is so slight you can barely
feel it – it’s only when you start turning it up that you can begin
to feel the electric tingles through your skin. And that’s important,
because it means that electrosex isn’t just for the dominants and
submissives among you, it can be used by anyone who wants to
experience this unique sensation.

What does electrosex feel like?

This is the million-dollar question,
and unfortunately it’s quite a difficult thing to describe. But at
its best – when you have one person wearing one of the sticky
electroconductive pads, and the other person wearing the other,
electrosex feels like one of you is pulling the other one in. That’s
what it felt like for us, at any rate. My vagina tingled with
electricity, and his dick tingled too, and the muscles inside me
tensed in response to the current, and the effect felt like our sex
was partly automatic and mechanical – as I squeezed and pulled him

At higher settings, it does get painful
(so if you like that kind of thing you should totally buy one
already) but it’s an interesting kind of pain – one which is
soothed by you both getting closer together. Because electricity is
more intense if you have small areas of contact (if I touch you with
an electric fingertip rather than my whole palm, for example) at the
higher settings we both found we wanted to shag deeper and harder
than we would usually – because the deeper he was inside me, the
more diluted the sensation. It was pretty delicious.

Is electrosex dangerous?

A very important question – I’m glad
I imagined you asked it. The answer is ‘no’ as long as you follow the
instructions carefully and play safe. There are some people who
should avoid electrosex: people with heart conditions or epilepsy,
for instance. On top of this, you should only ever use electrosex
equipment below the waist – and never allow the current to cross
your chest. This sounds scary but it’s actually pretty easy to follow
the rules and make sure you’re safe. A full list of
safety tips
can be found here, please do read them carefully
before you start playing.

OK, I’m in. How do I get started?

If you want to try electrosex for
yourself, the first thing you’ll need is the
– this contains the battery and controller as well as
electroconductive pads to get you started. This is the bare minimum
of what you need – you can do everything I’ve described above with
that product – for less than £100. Which, when you think about it,
is cheap at half the price if it means you get to experience
something you’ve likely never felt before.

If you try that and love it, there are
a number of add-ons you can get to direct the electricity in just the
right way. Butt plugs or dildos which channel the electricity inside
you, or the
which combines electrosex tingles with the squishy texture
of a masturbator.

Fancy a go? Pick any of them up from
Sex Toys today, and they’ll be with you very shortly. Meanwhile you
can pass the time by listening to the song I’ve had going round in my
head ever since I first played with mine…

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