Indulge your dark side for Halloween

Do you fancy being bitten and seduced by a vampire? Would you like to play the evil doctor and perform naughty experiments on your lover? Perhaps you’d like an excuse to say ‘the devil made me do it’?

Halloween is a great time to play out some of your darker fantasies. Historically Halloween signifies the moving of the seasons from the lighter months (spring & summer) to the darker months (autumn & winter). The days leading up to Halloween and just after it are said to be full of magic and mystery and you can tap into that energy to heat up your sex life.

Talk to your partner about what scenes or characters you’d like to explore. Create something that feels really sexy for you both and that respects each other’s limits. Role-playing different characters and scenarios offers you the opportunity to step out of everyday life and into hidden or shadow aspects of yourselves. It can be quite liberating to allow yourself to take on a role that is different to your everyday norm. It can also help to deepen the intimacy in your relationship. As you help your partner to explore deeper parts of themselves, you get to know those parts of them too – and vice versa!

If you need a bit of inspiration to get you started, have a look at our sexy spooky Halloween treats!

If you fancy bringing out your blood thirsty vampire, we’ve got gorgeous gothic corsets for her, a fabulous gothic ‘Gentlemen’s outfit‘ for him and even this super hot vampire dildo! For an added bit of bite, try these leather vampire gloves.

Are you more of an evil doctor? Try this Blooded Surgeon costume and fill your lab with medical gloves, an Asylum medical tool kit, and  these kinky forceps.

There’s also Frankenstein Fleshlights, Glow in the dark Love Rings, and lots more to help you open the doors to the dark places within you this Halloween. It might be scary to visit those places, but can also be lots of fun, deeply intimate and even transformational. Happy Sexy Halloween!


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