How many nudes have you sent?

Do you send nude pictures to your lovers? If you don’t, I have some good news for you – you’re not alone!

When I was a lass the main thing you’d have to worry about was whether your mates would stumble across that awful love poetry you’d written for your crush. These days people have naked pictures to deal with, and the terrifying possibility that anything sent to their lovers might one day find itself online.

The question of whether to send sexy pictures to your partners is a pretty thorny one. In the ‘pro’ column, it’s a fun and intimate connection over a distance when you can’t see each other in the flesh. In the ‘anti’ column, it’s a terrifying exposure of your naked parts, which could end up in the hands of your boss, future partner, or Mum.

Personally, I hate sending sexy selfies. It’s less to do with the worry that they’ll one day ‘get out’, and more to do with the fact that I’m appalling at taking pictures. I picture the snaps that friends have taken when I’m slightly drunk – eyes glazed and mouth twisted into something more akin to a gurn than a grin, hands flailing wildly and teeth blackened by cheap red wine. If this is what my face looks like, imagine how awful my crotch would be?!

That’s not to say I’ve never taken sexy pics. On the contrary, I’ve spent the requisite hours twisting in my underwear in front of a mirror in an attempt to find a pose that’s vaguely alluring. I’ve also spent far too long deleting shots in which I look like I’m simultaneously doing a lapdance, hailing a cab, and undergoing some form of exorcism.

Very few photos ever get sent.

How many people send nudes?

I thought I was a bit out of touch. After all, I see so much talk of ‘sexting’ that I thought the majority of people (at least of my generation) were getting their genitals out for the camera on at least a weekly basis. The good news, though, is that I was utterly wrong.

Buzzfeed’s Ultimate Sexting poll was released recently, and they discovered that of all the respondents, 53% had never sent a nude to anyone. That means that, although 47% of people have, within that group there will most likely be people like me who’d rather take a trip to the dentist than a naked snapshot.


In more upsetting news, of the people who have sexted, 12% of them have sent a sext to the wrong person. Ouch.

Still, I thought it was worth reporting because I bet there are plenty of people out there who, like me, prefer sexytimes to be had in person. I’m up for exchanging hot emails or text messages, but photos are about as likely as me inventing teleportation and rocking up on someone’s doorstep in my pants.

If you want to get better at steaming up your partner’s phone, check out our guide to sexting. If you’re looking for hot things to do over a distance, and you’re not a photo person, then you might prefer to invest in a cool couple’s sex toy such as the WeVibe 4 Plus, which can be used with an app. Sexy fun, at a distance, and you never need to worry about the face you pull while you’re using it. Win-win, right?

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