How does your partner feel about sex toys?

Ever since the first caveman grabbed the nearest sexy-looking object and humped it with the enthusiasm of a sailor on shore leave, people have been asking questions about sex toy use. Specifically about other people’s attitudes towards it. Does your partner know? Do you do it together? Is it hot, or do they think of it as cheating?

I hope the answer to that final question is ‘no’, by the way. But I’ve been asked plenty of questions that have given me pause for thought – does the fact that I own a gigantic wand vibrator which can make me cum in under thirty seconds negate all the pleasure that my partner can provide me? Hell no. Does it make him feel inadequate? I don’t think so. I’d ask him but he’s busy wanking at the moment so I’ll catch him later.

To me, sex toys are as much a part of my sex life as the bed, the sofa, and the walls up against which he so frequently shags me. But then I’m a woman, and I’ve long suspected that society is more comfortable with the idea of women using sex toys than men. Maybe that’s just the kind of articles I’ve been exposed to, or the guys I’ve spoken to, who have said that while they’re happy to include a vibrator in sex play if it pleases a lady, they’d be unlikely to whip out their wanking sheath and ask her to use it on them.

Anyway, I was chatting to Emma at about this, and we thought it was a good opportunity to open things up to a survey, and find out what people (and their partners) think about sex toy usage. Do you and your partner use toys together, or are they primarily for use on your own? Do you use them in front of or with your partner, or are you worried that your partner might not like it?

We’d like to know – for science and for our own curiosity. Please do take the time to answer the survey below, and we’ll let you know the results in a month or so.

Please note: Each question/answer widget below can only accept one answer. Where there are many multiple responses to chose from, please select the answer most relevant or applicable to you. Thank You.

Thank you for taking the time to participate in this survey! We appreciate your input and look forward to revealing the results soon!

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