Hot Topic: Adult toys are more popular than ever!

With recent highs in sex toy sales, and a more relaxed approach towards them, we are glad to see that adult playthings are more in demand than ever!According to research by the Hewson group, the adult toy market is worth an estimated £250m a year in the UK alone. These products are being treated less like a stigma, and more like a necessity in the bedroom! At last, the shame in adult goodies has been forgotten, with 71% of Fabulous magazine readers admitting to owning a sex toy.A 2009 study by the Kinsey Institute revealed that 52.5% of women (18-60 years) in the USA have used a vibrator, and with statistics such as this, no wonder there is more consumer demand than ever before.At, we can think of a few reasons why people are becoming more play product friendly…Gone are the days of hiding your pleasure. Personal massagers used to be sold simply as, well, personal massagers, but now, they boldly come as they are – from a family of rabbit vibrators, to exquisitely crafted Lelo pieces, there truly is something for every taste imaginable!The 50 Shades of Grey trilogy has encouraged a lax attitude towards casual sexual conversation, meaning that even if you don’t want to, you can’t help but hear about it. Products like our 50 Shades of Play kit are flying off of the shelves due to the national burst of sexual energy!Toys are now becoming practical, as well as being multi-functional. For example, the Little Rooster alarm clock wakes you with pleasure, literally! Working as an alarm and a personal vibrator, this piece is well and truly in tune with today’s customer.

It’s been proven that vibrators are no longer for the lonely singleton behind closed doors – The Kinsey Institute survey also stated that many couples had a positive attitude towards using a vibrator during sex, and actually found that it improved their sex life. With such provocative statistics, it’s time to face the facts – Everyone is selling sex, and everyone is buying it.

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