Hollywood, brazilian or au naturel?

Not an obvious sex tip but hair removal can make a real difference to your confidence in the sack.

When you feel at your sexiest, your confidence soars which in turn makes you more attractive to your partner.  Hair can really get in the way during sex, plus there’s also the thrill of peeling off panties and discovering something new and exciting.

There are many ways to style your nether regions and many forms of hair removal.  The most common styles are:

Classic Bikini- excess hair removed from outside the panty line. A Brazilian- triangle shape or a landing strip and  Hollywood – completely bare all over.

You can be more adventurous and opt for shapes like hearts, stars or even your partner’s initials.   You can colour your pubic hair with the Betty Colour Kit which is a non drip, safe way to dye your hair down there.  Betty also produces a set of Charmcils which are stencils to make shaping  your hair even easier.  Imagine your partners face when the undress you to find a pink heart!

To remove the hair you can shave which is quick, pain free and  convenient as you can do it yourself but it does grow back rapidly and can cause itchiness as the stubble grows through.

Waxing can be painful and does cost more but  keeps the hair away for the longest period of time. Your skin can feel smooth for up to 3 weeks after. With waxing you need to make sure you exfoliate regularly in between waxes so you don’t get ingrown hairs.  Waxing actually weakens the hair follicles over time so the more you wax the thinner the hair will grow.   You can buy waxing strips and do it yourself or as a treat you can make regular trips to the salon.

Hair removal cream is pain free, easy to use and fairly cheap. The hair stays away longer than shaving but less than waxing.  Don’t forget to test an area first as sensitive types may experience a slight burning sensation.

When you take the time to pamper yourself you will feel more vibrant, confident and happy.  Unless of course, you and your partner like things au naturel!

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