Have a saucy & sweet Halloween

This is the perfect time of year to explore your wicked and scary sexual personas. Get your inner Vampire or Devil out and invite them into the bedroom! What mysterious sexual demons are hiding in your deepest shadows? Is there a secret creature that’s waiting for the thin veil of All Hallow’s Eve in order to appear?

This year make Halloween a sexy adventure by allowing your darker sexual fantasies to come true. Make your partner scream and howl with delight as you show them a new part of you, one you might have kept hidden till now! Dress your scary sexy alter ego up with a fabulous costume; maybe one that you wouldn’t dare wear for most of the year! For some added fun try a glow in the dark cock ring or dildo. Light some candles and create the perfect space for your dark desires to come alive!

If dark and scary isn’t your cup of tea, then why not celebrate with some adult trick or treating instead. Rather than knocking on your neighbours door for sweets, get your partner to undress you and surprise them with a candy garter or posing pouch! Saucy sweets for everyone’s pleasure!


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