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When most people read sex blogs, their first thought is often ‘wow, it must be cool to be given so many free sex toys – and all you have to do is write about them!’ Which, if I’m honest, seems a perfectly reasonable thought. Until you see just how much hard work goes into reviewing All The Sex Toys, at which point I think even the most intrepid of perverts might say ‘nah, you’re alright, I’ll just have a read of someone else’s.’

Today that ‘someone else’ is Gritty Woman – and I’m here to highlight why her blog is awesome, as well as (hopefully) get you to have a go at toy reviewing yourself…

Firstly, Gritty Woman tests a huge range of stuff. Not just toys and lubes, but position enhancers, penis pumps and even a sex swing. I have to admit that – while I own a fair few vibrating and insertable things – when I’m looking to expand my collection I like to know that there are items I’d not even considered before that might be worth splashing out on.

You can see the full range of her reviews here but the product she mentioned that really caught my eye was a position enhancer, which led to me wandering off to find more position enhancers, before deciding that this ‘brace yourself’ kit looks like the most fun thing ever.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I’m a lazy shag, it’s just that I think sex is more fun if you’ve got something to brace yourself against. Power isn’t just for sex toys, you know.

It’s not just her reviews, though – her blog itself is an excellent source of a) super-hot things and b) really good advice. If you’re into guys then I imagine this Sinful Sunday post: hooked and humbled will have you drooling like… well… me.

And as for advice? Well, as someone who has had my fair share of internet comments asking me ‘yes but HOW do I get laid? What pearls of wisdom can you scatter at my feet to ensure that the next time I go out with someone they definitely agree to a second date, or take me home to have passionate and kinky sex with me?’ I can’t help but admire her excellent dating advice.

The vast majority of dating guides give you tips for presenting yourself in the best possible light. These lists of dating ‘rules’ describe how you should and shouldn’t act (Don’t act needy. Don’t be negative. Pull out her seat. Pay for the meal. Don’t talk about your exes. Don’t sleep with him on the first date.), but very few guides suggesting that your focus should be on whether or not your date is a good match for you. If you spend the entire date worrying about how you come across, when will you find the time to consider how you feel about them? This isn’t a job interview or police interrogation. Your needs are just as important as theirs.

Well said, GW. Well said.

If you were a toy reviewer…

As someone who doesn’t really do sex toy reviews, I am always impressed by bloggers who manage to review things with balance and objectivity. One of the main reasons I don’t write many reviews myself is because I get a bit carried away. If someone has managed to make something that makes me come, I’m so overwhelmed by the fact that – oh my god this does AMAZING things to my clit – that I struggle to find the kind of impartiality that I know most people are after. It’s hard for me to say ‘if you liked this then you’ll probably like that’ because I’m too busy getting excited about exactly how this felt when I rubbed it against myself while drooling.

But you don’t necessarily have to be impartial to be a toy reviewer: this kind of evangelism can be done by pretty much anyone. Here on the website, on facebook and Twitter, we can all be toy reviewers of sorts. People like Gritty Woman are like the ‘Which? Best Buy’ judges: impartial and expert because they’ve tried so many products. People like you and I, on the other hand, are more like the Amazon Verified Purchasers – we can add star ratings, give use tips, and rave about our favourites without having to worry about pesky things like details or impartiality.

So go forth – review the hell out of your favourite sex toy. While you might not be on a par with Gritty Woman, and other intrepid sex bloggers who write new toy reviews every day, you’ll definitely get that warm fuzzy feeling from knowing that you helped someone choose something that gave them a spectacular orgasm. And that’s a pretty cool thing to do, right?


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