Go Off Road

Has your sex life become a bit stale, a bit same-y? Why not try something new and different? Why not go off the usual road and see what else works for you. You are only ever limited by your imagination and willingness to be adventurous. Maybe there are things you’ve always wanted to try but been afraid to ask your partner to do or maybe you’re not even sure what’s possible.

You could start by making a list of things you already know you’d like to try. Maybe there’s a certain position or sex toy you’ve been interested in. Perhaps you want to try sex outdoors. When you’ve made your list, sit down with your partner and ask them if anything on it floats their boat too. You might be surprised to find that they  would like to try some of these things or have some interesting ideas of their own.

Here are some ideas you could try:

Blindfold each other (one at a time) and feed each other as seductively as you dare. Hold a strawberry under your lover’s nose so they can smell it and then tease their mouth with it before you let them take a bite. Hold a small piece of chocolate between your lips and offer it to theirs. See how many ways you can feed each other sensually.

Leave it up to chance – get a pair of Sexy Dice and each take a turn to do what the dice says. Using your imagination this could lead you into all sorts of fun!

Outdoor sex – even if the British weather is uncertain, there are always ways to have sex outdoors. Try pitching a tent in the backyard. It can be really cosy and romantic to have nothing but a bit of canvas between you and the world when you’re getting saucy. The sound of rain on the tent can even add to the passion!

Have sex in a different room or at a different time of day than normal. Try it on the sofa, the dining room table, or the kitchen floor.

Make a date with each other. Sometimes our busy lives get in the way and having sex can sometimes take a little planning. Agree on a time and place and then send each other sexy texts during the day to get you good and warmed up for later.

Go to a film just to make out in the back row.

Write each other saucy letters. Remember how good it used to feel to get a handwritten letter in the post? What about sending your lover a sexy story or a description of what you’d like to do with them. Pop it in an envelope and post it to them. It will definitely make their day!

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