From Dating to Dirty: ’30 Dates’ Blogger Explores Sex Toys

We often talk about couples and sex toys on The Vibe blog and how good they are to strengthen relationships…What we don’t often cover is how to even be in a relationship in the first place! That’s why we’ve teamed up with blogger Charly Lester, owner and creator of to make sure that our sassy and single customers are clued up when it comes to pleasure.

The dating game. It’s a tough one. We’re all working longer hours, having less human contact and spend a good deal of our lives conversing via emojis or hashtags. This heavily digital environment doesn’t bode well for physically finding a partner (or even lover) like our parents and their parents did, but it does open up new opportunities to 21st Century dating, such as speed dating, dating websites, and even dating Apps.

The perils of dating most recently came to the public’s attention in the embodiment of Carrie Bradshaw from famed TV rom-com series ‘Sex In The City’. Since then, many bloggers have taken to writing about their dating escapades but few have fused sex toys with dating. Sure Carrie found out about the now world renowned Rabbit Vibrators, but let’s face it, the world wasn’t as hungry for sex toys as it is now.

That’s where Charly from comes in.

Over the coming weeks and months, she will take to Youtube with her dating expert friend, Matt Chappell to explore in more detail, the world of sex toys!

…With a little help from us!


More about ’30 Dates’…

The Aim of 30 Dates is, and always has been, to make dating fun. Dating doesn’t have to be an interview for ‘The One’.

What began as one girl’s summer challenge, has now developed into one of the most popular and respected Dating Blogs in London.

Together with a team guest writers (of all races, orientations, and relationships statuses) banker-turned-journalist Charly Lester or ‘Miss Twenty-Nine’ has built an online Dating Community, where singles don’t have to feel alone, and daters can find advice, opinions and reviews.


The 30 Dates by 30 Challenge…

After what she once thought of as the most perfect (and then most disappointing) date of her life ( The Henley Boy), Charly decided to throw caution to the wind, and make the most of her final three months as a 20-something singleton.

The challenge – Go on 30 blind dates before the age of 30.

The aim – To just enjoy dating again, and stop building it up to ‘mean’ so much.

The criteria – The men just had to be between the age of 25 and 35, and single.

And the dates HAD to be BLIND!

The 30 Dates Challenge ran between July 2nd (when Charly posted a spur of the moment suggestion on Facebook) to September 29th (when she finished it in style, climbing up to the Hollywood sign in LA).

The Challenge took Charly to London, Bristol, Madrid, New York and Los Angeles.

You can read about all 30 Dates, the Henley Boy, and his two ‘returns’ HERE.

Having finished the challenge and turned thirty, ‘Miss Twenty-Nine’ (who will keep the blog name, no matter her age!) decided to continue with the blog.


The 30 Dates Around The World Challenge

In March 2014, Charly began a second 30 Dates Challenge, this time arranging blind dates in 30 different cities around the world.

These are happening across the year, at a slower pace, as they are funded by Charly, and dependent on contacts in various countries.


More about Charly…

Check out her ‘About’ section on her blog to find out more about this inspirational blogger!

We wish Charly the very best and hope that her journey through the pitfalls and pleasures of dating across the globe ends in a blissful union with an equally lovely chap! In the meantime, we’re excited to see what she and Matt have in store for us over on their Youtube channel as they play their way through a HUGE stack of sex toys!


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