Forget the Romance and bring on the sex this Valentine’s Day

Sick of the tacky teddies, soppy cards and candlelit dinners? Then forget the romance and enjoy some red hot sex this Valentine’s Day.

Let’s face it, romance often feels forced anyway. Do you really need rose petals on the bed when you can getting down and dirty between the sheets?

So this year, don’t buy the cliched gifts of chocolates, flowers and jewellery and go for edible massage oil, handcuffs and vibrators instead.

Rather than booking a table for two in a fancy restaurant, serve up your own delicious meal at home and present yourself as the dessert, whipped cream optional.

A night of fun-filled passion could be just what you need to show your partner how much you care and perhaps re-ignite that spark that has a habit of going missing from time to time.

Foreplay is essential for mind-blowing sex, so you could invest in a number of naughty goodies, such as body graffiti, erotic DVDs and pheromone candles to get you in the mood.

You could kick-start your evening with some saucy games, like Sex Casino and Foreplay Connect, write out some raunchy IOUs to give to one another or use a pair of sex dice to guide you in your explorations of your partner’s body.

Like dressing up? Then pick out something sexy, preferably in red as a tribute to the occasion, to seduce your lover.

Of course lingerie is great, but why not go one step further and indulge in a little roleplay? You could be a hot surgeon, a saucy secretary or an amorous army cadet.

When you finally do get down to intercourse, make it explosive with a vibrating cock ring, a blindfold and plenty of flavoured lubricant.

And if you really want the rose petals, you can always buy a box of Rose Petal Seductions, which feature different words so you can match them up and show your lover exactly what you want.

So what are you waiting for? Get planning your red hot evening in and give your partner the best Valentine’s Day gift they’ve ever had.

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