First Time Sex

So I was reading this news story, in the Daily Sex Newssection and it got me thinking about new relationships and first time sex. Probably because I’ve just come out of a relationship myself and I really can’t imagine getting involved with anybody else let alone having sex with them!

First time sex can go so many ways. For some it’s daunting, for some it’s exciting and sometimes the result can be damn right disappointing.

Being ready is probably the first hurdle, whether it’s first night sex or a month down the line. You’re not gonna feel sexy unless you really want it.

You can normally tell whether the sex is going to be good simply down to the chemistry between you. Unfortunately for us, sex and relationships can be very different. You can have great sex with someone that just isn’t compatible with you relationship wise and vice versa. I once had a boyfriend that was devoted to me but the sex was terrible and there was no way I was going to put up with that for the rest of my life!

I wouldn’t judge somebody on their first performance though. Sometimes it takes a bit if time to get used to each other’s bodies, what the other likes and how you both fit together. You also have to allow for first time nerves. You might be a naughty nymph with no inhibitions but your partner may need a bit more time to come out of their shell. Trust and confidence is something that will grow between you and the experience normally gets better as your feelings for each other grow too. All this can lead to an amazing sex life full of experimentation and satisfaction.

It’s rare that first time sex is mind blowing and a relationship to match follows. However, if you do find it – hold on tight, you’re in for a hair raising ride!

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