Getting nostalgic: what was your first ever sex toy?

What was your first ever sex toy? Sex blogger HornyGeekGirl takes an explicit trip down memory lane…

My first ever sex toy was a tiny little bullet vibrator that my boyfriend bought me when I was 17. We were on a day out at the seaside and somehow managed to stumble into an adult shop. We’d fooled around but never had penetrative sex, so we weren’t looking to spice things up. However, when we got to the toy area I spotted a tiny little purple bullet vibrator – it was so cute and non-threatening that I picked it up and showed him. He decided to buy it for me, despite my protests that I wouldn’t know what to do with it, and… what if my dad heard it? But he insisted and we left the shop with the little purple bullet and spare batteries tucked in my bag: my first vibrator.

The first time I used it was parked in a layby on the way home… well I say I used it but actually he used it on me. Holding it against me while he licked me, so I came over and over again. Then showing me where to hold it, and what position worked best. It’s funny now thinking that he knew my body better than I did.

I remember being surprised by how quiet it was, and how strong the vibrations were considering its size. It was great for those “I just need a bit of quick relief” moments. It was also great for phone sex because it was so quiet it didn’t drown out the phone conversation, and I quickly got the knack of positioning it so my pants held it in place leaving my hands free to wander over my body. For a long time those whispered conversations were the soundtrack to my wanking, so much so that if we were out and he leaned over to whisper in my ear, I immediately got all wiggly.

The same boyfriend bought me my next toy as well, in another seaside town and another adult shop. He never got to use that one on me though. He was in the army and being shipped abroad, and he bought me it as a parting gift. We chose it together and we laughed because I’d said whatever we chose I wanted it in purple so it matched my bullet. It was my favourite colour and for some reason I wanted it to all coordinate. I ended up with something very similar to the bullet, just bigger – like this ‘velvet touch’ vibrator. It was the same solid plastic because I liked the firmness, and found it easier to use.

We couldn’t talk on the phone as often and I remember writing him letters about trying to use it. I was using it to thrust into me, and the first few attempts had been uncomfortable. He wrote back with suggestions, as well as talking dirty. We finally worked out it was easier for me to use it internally if I’d used the bullet first. I often wish I’d known about lube then: it would have saved some soreness.

My third toy was bought by me. I wanted to try something new and decided to get myself a g-spot toy, back then I didn’t really know what my g-spot was (I barely knew what a clitoris was) but I was looking online at various toys, and the g-spot ones stood out as something different to what I already owned. I ended up choosing something like this Rocks-Off curved vibe. I was surprised by the difference using it internally compared to the straight, smooth one before. I also found I could use it in a variety of ways; not just thrusting but also with rocking, and twisting motions. Each one causing a different feeling.

I still like to use the bullet for at least one orgasm before moving onto this but I really enjoyed the different sensations I could get from this toy with its little sticking out bit. The clitoral orgasms I had with the bullet were shallow, they still felt good but they were small. I could have lots of them without it ever feeling too intense. With this they felt deeper, harder, much more intense; like the orgasms I had when my boyfriend fingered me. I had to rest between these orgasms because they made everything seem more sensitive. It was a toy that got a lot of use.

I started with something small that wasn’t too scary looking and worked my way up. I now have a drawer full of toys in various styles. Do you remember your first ever toy? And… what will you try next?

Horny Geek Girl is an erotica writer and sex blogger based in the Midlands. Always a storyteller, she started writing erotica as part of a journey to re-find herself, and she found her home. Her first published story appears in an Anthology which came out in April 2015. She blogs at

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