Don’t forget the balls

The testicles are an often missed erogenous zone that can cause immense pleasure when stimulated in the right way. Your man’s balls are very sensitive but don’t let this put you off, the key is to be gentle.

Like any kind of stimulation, some men like ‘ball play’ more than others, so don’t be afraid to ask your man if and how he likes it. Communication is vital and it’s better to ask (preferably not during sexual activity) than get it wrong.

Because of the sensitivity of the skin, stroking and licking can feel amazing. Treat his balls as you would like your man to treat your nipples during your period and let him indicate whether it’s too much or too little. Cradle them gently in your hands and stroke them lovingly, never pull hard and never nibble or bite.

The more your man gets aroused, the further his testicles move towards his body. Support them in your hand and if they feel as if they have risen, give them a very gentle pull back down and this will delay orgasm. You want him to stay aroused so make sure you are gentle and are continuing with other types of stimulation like kissing or oral sex.

Another technique to try is ‘tea bagging.’ No, we are not suggesting your partner dips his balls in your morning tea, however, the technique is the same. Tea-bagging is when your partner dips his balls in your mouth. It’s nice for him because he has control, and the feeling of his balls in your mouth can feel nice for you too. Gently lick and suck as he dips inside your mouth but you must be careful not to suck too hard, if he pulls away at the same time, it could be painful – for him, not you!

A killer trick to stimulate the testicles is to find the precise part where they meet the penis. It’s super sensitive and if you gently stroke or lick it he’ll be in Heaven.

Lastly, if you want to take ball play to another level, you can incorporate lube for a super smooth and slippery experience and if tea bagging sounds like your bag, maybe try a little flavoured lube.

Playing with his testicles may seem daunting but if you get it right, he’ll be yours forever!

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