Creative Californians

Los Angeles is usually thought of as the city of sunny weather, gorgeous beaches and beautiful people. It has also, over the last couple of years, seen a huge rise in STD’s. Recently it became law in Los Angeles that porn stars have to wear condoms on film. About time too!

In order to raise awareness of safe sex practices and get more sex information out to the public, the Los Angeles County Department of Health ran a condom design contest last year. Members of the public were asked to design condoms with a Los Angeles theme.



This year, the Department of Health has taken to the road in a giant 40ft coach to take the winning condom designs to the people and hand them out for free. The slogan on the side of the bus is ‘Suit up L.A.’


Other measures taken were to create a program that allows teens to access information and resources and also order condoms online for free. Hopefully these creative ideas will inform and educate the good folk of Los Angeles and the STD rates will start to fall soon.

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